Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tender Mercies

So I think we are all blessed with tender mercies like all the time.  We just don't always realize it.  Like Lucy could have seriously choked a number of times in the past 2 or 3 days:

1.  She had sneakily climbed up the kitchen stool and had gotten a candy heart (hard candy) and placed it in her mouth.  Luckily I realized it soon enough and grabbed it out of her mouth.  Of course she screamed.

2.  Another time I came in the office and saw Lucy.  Her mouth looked full.  I grabbed out a wad of a rubber-band.  She did not scream.

3.  She was in our back room rummaging through Ben's backpack and had gotten a little baggie out.  The baggie was full of loose pills - ibuprofen, excedrin, etc.  I grabbed the bag and then reminded Ben (kindly) that we need to be more careful. . .

4.  Today she was eating some yogurt for lunch.  I remembered an email I needed to send out quickly.  As I was in the office I heard Lucy asking for me.  I thought she wanted down so she could go galavanting with her already galavanting siblings.  I got there and she opened her mouth for me.  I then pulled out a few pieces of a broken up plastic spoon.  Sheesh!

I am indeed very grateful for even the smallest of tender mercies.  Because I really like Lucy.  Like really.


erinmalia said...

oh gosh. why with the choking?! it's only your worst nightmare. i am so afraid of this with ollie.

Montrose Lewises said...

Oh my word girl. She doesn't quit! Good luck and thank HF for his awesome watchfulness <3 We really like Lucy, too! <3