Sunday, March 18, 2012

This and That

Ready for a whole bunch of randomness?   Because here we go. . .
 Got Milk?  Green milk?  You bet.

 So I think we had a lot of greeny fun on our St. Patrick's day.  There was green milk at breakfast, green deviled-eggs for lunch - along with a green smoothie, Emmy got her toes and nails painted green - Lucy got her nails done, dinner was accompanied with green grapes, and dessert was green oreo-mint pie.  Fun.  The kids all picked out their own outfits ('tho I think Miles picked out Emmy's. . .) the nite before. . . and slept in them.  Awesome.  Just awesome.

 Friday morning we got some fun hand-me-down dress-up clothes.  Lots of dancing/gymnastic stuff.  The girls, particularly Emmy, were in heaven.  Jonas enjoyed the show.  :)  (He was home that morning because he had a horrible cough.)

 So Miles really wanted to "plant something" the other day.  Okay, fine, go.  After a little bit he wanted to show me his hands.  I thought he'd dirtied-up some gloves.  Nope, those were his hands.  So great, so Miles.

 My cute little bike-rider.  Emmy actually learned to ride a bike with no training wheels late last fall - but it was like the day before winter hit and so we didn't get much in before bike-riding season was done for.  We had some amazing spring-days last week (even yesterday was like 70 or something.  and today you ask?  like 38.  no joke.) and so we hit the sidewalks and rode hard.  :)  Jonas ended up teaching Emmy how to get started (that always comes last) and she's been on her own since.  And lovin' every minute of it.  She looks down quite a bit and has rammed in to our fence a few times - but she's tough that girl.  Yeah, she totally cries.  But still she's tough.  And the outfit was adorned all on her own.  It's pretty fantastic.

Here's Miles in front of his "collection display" at our library.  You sign up for this like 6-8 months before you finally get a turn.  I wasn't able to go with them to do it, but Ben said Miles was pretty excited and pleased about the whole thing.  I think the National Geographic Kids cards looks pretty swell in there.


erinmalia said...

so fun! those hands of miles--yowee. and the cards do look great. but not as great as emmy's outfit. ha.

Montrose Lewises said...

I totally thought Miles had gloves on! What on earth makes earth stick like that?? Love you and your fam always!

courtney said...

ha ha - i am in love with that dress up picture. classic. :) and emmy's bike riding outfit is pretty fabulous. and miles "gloves" seriously look like gloves! i thought he'd found some in the dress up clothes!