Friday, March 30, 2012

{warning: Bragging going on here}

So I'm going to brag for my boy Miles.

He was such a wonderful big brother yesterday.  So. . . in the morning it can get a little crazy getting everyone ready.  But having simple rules helps things run smoothly.  The rules I have are simple:  be dressed and have your shoes on before you eat.  Well somehow it slipped by me that Emmy was eating her breakfast without shoes on.  Gasp!  So when it came time to start heading out the door I told her she needed shoes asap.  I offered to help her get on some that were right out the back door.  She declined.  So the 4 of us are out the back gate and waiting for Emmy.  And waiting.  Okay, it was probably only 3-4 minutes, but when you need to go, that can be forever!  So I ran in and told her we were leaving now and that she just had to wear whatever she had on.  She had nothing on (what on earth was she doing those 3-4 minutes!?).  So she had to walk barefoot.  But Miles, what did Miles do?  He offered at every alley-way and every street to carry Emmy across.  Emmy readily accepted.  I wish I had had my camera.  So sweet.  Emmy painted a bird picture for Miles as a thank-you.  Sweet.

Then. . .later on in the day, after dinner I think, Miles helped Lucy by making a slide for her.  Lucy loves slides and I had wanted to rig up something with some old slide that we have (we only have the slide part - nothing going up to it - make sense?).  But it just would not have been safe, so the slide just hangs around our backyard on the ground or on the stairs.  But Miles propped it up with boards, leaves, etc., and even created steps for Lucy to climb up and then slide down.  Lucy loved it.  It was so sweet and thoughtful.

Finally. . . we just finished up a month-long (or close to it) read-a-thon.  We donated for each page our children read.  There were also prizes for the top 20 kids, the top classes in each grade, etc.  Miles' class was the top class in the 2nd grade (and Jonas' class would have been the top, I think, if they included Kindergarten.  Which they were totally included in the read-a-thon but apparently the principal just skipped them at the assembly???).  Anyways, the top-20 kids were divided in to the top 10 from 1st and 2nd grades and the top 10 from 3rd-5th.  Miles was in the top 10 in his group, and would have been in the top 5 of the whole school.  He read 3,490 pages.  Jonas was none too shabby either - reading 1,407 pages.  Yay, go readers!


erinmalia said...

oh it's fun to read about miles NOT driving you crazy. ha. and i totally understand the "what in the world were you doing when you clearly weren't getting shoes?" thing. rhett does that all the time. kids.

courtney said...

i love sweet brothers!