Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Sunday

Craziest photo-shoot ever.  The girls were so above and beyond crazy!  Emmy started it by her wailing and gnashing of teeth and then Lucy would take a turn (while Emmy stopped) and then Emmy would start again (while Lucy stopped).  It was insane.  Luckily the boys were darling.  :)

 I love this candid shot.

 Darling brothers.

 Yes, a cry baby.  But an extremely cute one.  :)

 She was still crying, but apparently did something mean to Emmy (like pinch her hand?)

 because this is what happened next.  It was Emmy's turn to cry apparently.

 Emmy was still crying and so Lucy was a little perplexed at what she should be doing.  She did find the pockets on her skirt.

 Cute sisters.  Sugar and spice - both of them!

Despite all their wildness I sure do love them.

Easter Sunday was good.  We spoke a lot about the Resurrection. The kids liked the eggs and scripture story.  The resurrection rolls were fun.  The videos were hard to watch (Emmy was scared when they depicted Christ being nailed to a cross), but gave a wonderful message.  And at precisely 2:12 I was done with my talk in church and so life was a little bit easier after that.  :)

I love the hope that this day gives to me.


erinmalia said...

of course the kids are adorable. but the skirts! they turned out awesome! love it.

courtney said...

i LOVE the pictures! the crying, the pinching (maybe?), more crying, the pockets - it is all wonderful. speaking on easter? i am glad for you that it is over!

sounds like a pretty wonderful day. one day we should live closer to each other because i think we'd like to hang with you guys!