Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Saturday

So I think I use the title every year, Easter Saturday.  Oh well.  But just in case you forgot, the Maxwells do an Easter Saturday and an Easter Sunday.  On Saturday the eggs are hidden in the backyard and the baskets inside.  We get our sugar-highs out of the way for church on Sunday.  Sunday includes an inside egg-hunt for 12 eggs that have scriptures and items relevant to the scripture in each egg.  The scriptures tell the story of the crucifixion and resurrection.  The last egg has a scripture but has no "item," thus is empty. . .  We also make resurrection rolls as a family and watch some Easter-story videos.

Here is Saturday:
 Cute 'n cold.  It was a cool morning looking for eggs!  The kids had to wait until I got back from my much-need long run (remember how I just did spring break???).  The had scoured through all sorts of windows searching out the eggs.  The probably had located about half by the time I got home.  Cute.

 Lucy found this one all by herself - tucked inside the watering tin.  I thought it would be hard - but Ben aaid she was at the perfect height coming down the stairs.  Yay.

 The boys look so serious in their hunt.

 Not so serious here.  What a silly cutie!

 The boys had "accidentally" found Emmy's basket early in the morning.  But they didn't tell her, luckily.  It was in the hamper upstairs.  Fun!

 Lucy's basket was in the shower.  And she wasted about zero time to start eating those sweets - grass and all!

 Miles happily surrounded by found-baskets and goodies.

 Here they are having some fun with silly-string.

 Indeed, so silly!

 Just pure sweetness here.

 The boys got rubber-band-powered airplanes.  They are great fun. . . for one day. . . since that is all they last.  Poor Ben spent half his day putting them together and then repairing them and fixing them.  :)

Ben took the kids in the afternoon to the church to fly them there - a good break from the slight breeze and the surrounding trees and houses that tend to get in the way at times.  They had a lot of fun - but I think both came home with severely wounded airplanes.  :)

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courtney said...

i love the idea of doing easter saturday and easter sunday. i'm stealing it. and the egg hunt. (just so you know.)