Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Some Spring Break Quotes

On our drive here (my parent's place), Emmy said,
"It's great that Grandma's house doesn't have a chore dice."

(Ha!  We roll a little dice every week to determine what daily chore each kid has. . .)

Jonas to Miles this morning:
"What!?  That is how big your underwear is!?"
(Ha, how great is that.  I found some new underwear here  - size 6T - for Miles.  Tho' he's 8.  They do look huge though.  But that's probably because they are not the 3T or 4T that they usually have on!)

The boys got to go off on their own this afternoon.  Lucy is napping and I thought this would be a great place and chance to let the boys go off by themselves.  My parent's place has this wonderful path by a clubhouse - the path goes by some water (shallow, of course!), some sports-courts, volleyball place (fun to play in the sand there) and a little park.  They left at 12:10 and were to come back by 1pm.  While they were gone and Emmy was sweetly playing with her doll, I said to Emmy,
"Isn't it nice to have the boys gone for a little bit so you can just play quietly and nicely?"
Emmy replied, "No!  I like the boys!"
Wonderful response.

P.S.  The boys came back promptly at 1pm.  So proud.  Tho' not so proud when I saw Miles riding back up the street and NOT looking both ways when he crossed - how can I get him to always do that!?!?  They had a great time.  So great, in fact, that they wanted to go back out - this time with Emmy.  So I let them all go out for a half-hour.  Is that crazy?  I mean, I can't lawfully leave an 8-year old and a 6-year old home alone, watching my other 4-year old - but, yet, I think this is okay.  Give me 20 more minutes ('til it's 1:30) and we'll see.

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erinmalia said...

oh man, i so wish we lived in a time where we didn't doubt ourselves for letting our kids outside to play by themselves. i think you're okay, but i totally get how you'd question it.

and those are some great quotes. you can tell emmy we don't have chore dice here!