Saturday, April 07, 2012

Spring Break 2012

This spring break I was doing it solo - Ben was left at home to work, and my folks are, of course, on their mission in Japan.  Nonetheless I still went to my parent's home for a little change of scenery.  There were moments of pure "What on earth was I thinking!?" to "Ahhh, this is really great and nice."  I'm totally glad I went, but I am still wishing for the "break" part of Spring Break.  :)

I'll give a boring synopsis of our trip - just because.  I headed out after the morning session of conference on Sunday.  I got to drive in 2 hours of crazy, high winds ("Don't blow over on us you big, tall truck!" I kept thinking), and then another couple of hours in blowing snow.  Lovely.  Not.  But we got there in good time, the kids ran around for a bit, then Lucy went to bed.  Then I read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane.

On Monday I had decided to not do much since we just arrived and we didn't want to much hanging out in the car.  So we spent the morning just playing and what-not.  We did a couple errands ("I wish dad were here so we wouldn't have to come!"  Me, too, Jonas, me, too.) to the fabric store and grocery store.  Finally by late afternoon I thought we should get out - though it was quite cool and incredibly windy.  We rode bikes (or I pushed Lucy in a stroller) down to the park and the kids didn't even seem to notice the blasted wind - though there was the time where Lucy couldn't walk up-hill due to the force of wind, as well as Emmy couldn't ride her bike back because of the head-wind.  She just stood still.  Crazy.)  We had a 1-minute lesson for FHE and then had FHE treats, of course.  :)

Lucy off to bed.  Read more of Edward Toulane.  Then the rest to bed.  Or almost.  I was busying sewing away and Emmy was busy crying for no coherent reason.  Crying for 3 hours.  If I hadn't had made plans for Tuesday with a friend, we would have been high-tailing it home early Tuesday morning. . .

Tuesday I met a friend and her son Isaac at Wheeler Farm.  They have a new park there and the kids totally loved that.  Then we walked around the farm and enjoyed the animals - except the birds.  Ha.  Turns out my friend Rach hates birds, too!  Afterwards we went over to Rach and Isaac's home - which used to be my grandmother's house.  So that was really great being there again.  I had a good time chatting with Rach and the kids loved playing outside, inside, and in the crawl-space - of course!  Good times, but unfortunately no pictures.  Bummer.  But here is a cute picture and video (the kids adored playing with this toy each and every day!)

We got home that night, got dinner ready, ate, and got Lucy to bed.  Then we finished reading Edward.  Though Miles had gone that morning and read the last page - that boy!  (He might have gotten that from me. Though I might have done that on only a few occasions. . . )

On Wednesday we hung out in the morning making a lot of those bead creations that you iron to fuse the beads all together.  The boys went crazy with them!  In a good way.  In the late morning we headed out to a different park in town.  It was a lovely day - warm with a slight breeze.  Practically perfect.  After we got home and had lunch, I put Lucy down for a nap.  While she was napping I let the boys go frolicking about on their own (as I have mentioned in a previous post.).  It was such the perfect opportunity to let them do it and I was really excited for them to be on their own.

After I got Lucy up we headed to the Discovery Gardens at Thanksgiving Point.  We met up with one of my great college friends, Aubrey.  She and her family were down from Washington, visiting Aubrey's family.  It was really great to see her again - it had been awhile!  There was a lot of chasing after kids, making sure I knew where 1, 2, 3, 4 of them were, dealing with Lucy-fits, etc., but it was still a great time and I know the kids loved it all.

Chilling on a giant tire eating some snack.

Playing on the logs and eating snack!

The giant spider-web thing.  Very cool and very fun.

We didn't leave until about 6.  Which means we got back home a little after 7.  I had told the kids I would stop and get them some McDonalds.  But that failed since I only saw one and there was no way I was going to get off crazy constructed I-15.  Miles was a little perturbed, but settled down once I put in a book on CD.  Lucy fell asleep.  When we got home I got everyone a bagel and some LIFE cereal.  Then to bed.  Most nights (all nights?) I sewed while watching TV and read some books.  I always went to bed very late.  Zzzzzz.

Thursday was a hang-out-close-to-home type of day.  We did more bead things in the morning.  The couple that will be staying in my parent's place for a little while came over to look at some things.  Then we went to McDonalds - since they had missed out the night before.  It was horrible.  Lucy crying and screaming for who knows why.  Emmy crying because she dumped her water all over her.  Miles screaming so loudly while playing - thus making all the others scream.  Me warning them that if that noise were to happen again, we would be leaving.  We left shortly thereafter.  I was none-too-happy.  Their punishment?  No milk.  What I meant by this was that there was no way I was going to the store (which, ironically is called The Store) with 4 such unruly children and so 1.  they would not get the pudding they had wanted for snack - not enough milk at home, 2.  they would not get milk before bed - not enough milk at home, and 3.  in the morning the only option for breakfast would be oatmeal since. . . not enough milk at home.  So there!  :)  I did still get them a movie to watch while Lucy slept and they all enjoyed (though at times Emmy was scared) Happy Feet 2.  It did look pretty cute.

We went out for another bike ride to the park and the kids had a good time.  The boys went off a little bit exploring on the path and enjoying the "slimy snakes" they found (just water slime stuff).  When we got back my parents' good friend John took the 3 older kids on a ride on my dad's "machine."  A mix between a jeep and a dune-buggy?  I'm sure there is a technical term for it, but I don't know what at the moment.  Lucy had been very hard to deal with on this trip - extremely clingy, apt to cry at any moment - especially when unable to do what she wanted, etc., etc.  So her punishment for all this was this:
Ha - I made her watch TV!  How horrible is that!?  :)  But I was ready for a little break and a chance to get dinner together, pick up a bit, etc.  So I turned on the TV and it kept her entertained for maybe 15 minutes - impressive.  The older kids got back from their ride - which they thoroughly enjoyed - and we ate dinner and then went to bed.

Friday we got up and the kids got to watch Little Rascals while I cleaned and packed.  Then we headed out, stopping at IKEA first.  I dropped the kids off at the playplace (free!) and took Lucy around with me.  The kids can only stay for an hour and so I felt a little rushed.  But it was probably good because I probably would have just spent more money.  So after the hour I got the other kids (and they absolutely loved playing there!) and we had a little lunch there and then headed home.  Two hours of driving in wet conditions, more blowing snow, and such thick fog that I could only see about 100 feet ahead of me.  Luckily it did clear and it was smooth sailing.  Truly, my kids are wonderful travelers and I am so very thankful for that.

So a good time!  The end.


erinmalia said...

hooray for a "break!" and those girls need a karaoke machine STAT! maybe for christmas in a couple of years when they can actually read.

Nicole said...

Wow! I'm impressed you did all that on your own!! You are one amazing lady :) Sounds like a fun time after getting through a few rough patches!

courtney said...

i think it sounds like you got "spring" and ben got "break"? :) i laughed out loud at jonas wishing dad was there so they didn't have to run errands with you. ah, children. they take the words right out of our mouths, right? all in all, it really does sound like it was a nice change of scenery!