Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Are We Still Living in Montrose. . . ?

That was the great question posed by moi as Ben and I were enjoying our 22-mile bike ride in Littleton this past weekend.  :)  It was such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ride and I loved every minute of it.  Ben and I even stopped at downtown Littleton and went in a couple antique shops and then ate lunch (we went "all out" and even ordered an appetizer - fried pickle chips.  Loved.).

We decided to go to Littleton for several reasons:  go to the temple (check!), go out on an awesome 10th anniversary celebratory date (check!  check!), and, of course, visit Jim and Diana (check!  check!  check!).  We were a tiny bit nervous going out as 1.  Lucy had never been put to nap/bed by anyone other than myself or Ben and 2.  Lucy had never been away from both Ben and me for more than an hour or two, while awake.  But she did super fantastic because she has super fantastic grandparents.  Seriously.  

After Ben and I got back from our ride and lunch we hung out for about an hour and then headed out to the Butterfly Pavilion with our kiddos.  It was a really cool place - except for the actual butterfly place, aiyiyi it was soooo hot and humid in there!  :)

We had to head back today as Ben has work tomorrow (He does have every other Monday off - usually - and so we usually try and do our trips on a long 3-day weekend.  But it just didn't work out for any other weekend and so we just had a quick trip.).  It was short, but a really great and practically perfect weekend in Littleton.  If poor Emmy wasn't sick with fevers and such, perhaps it would have been perfect. . .

Ironically, I have tons of pictures but not-a-one of our date.  Bummer, but oh well. . .

 First things first with Lucy.  As soon as we got there she was already busy with drawing and writing.  She likes to say, "E, I, O."  It's awesome.

 At the Butterfly place.  This section was the "Creepy (Creeping?) Crawling things," or something like that.  Here is Miles holding "Rosie, the nice tarantula."  So gross.

 Cute, yet pig-nosed, Emmy looking at gross things.

 Miles' luck.  As soon as we enter the actual butterfly exhibit, one lands on him.  (Though a worker came by and asked him to gently nudge the butterfly off.  I guess they taste with their feet and our oils on our skin can clog up their tasters.)  Notice Emmy's frustrated face at not having any land on her.

 Lucy had to sit upon every bench we walked past. . .

 Here is Miles, the "brave boy," being the only volunteer to answer the question of "What does endangered mean?"
 Three cuties.  I love each of their expressions!

 Some cool black-and-white butterflies.  There are anywhere between 1,200-1,500 butterflies in there.  They were so pretty!

 This was the "marine life" exhibit.  Ocean life?  Sea life?  Jonas was touching . . . something.

 Miles looking up at the gigantic starfish.

 We took a walk around the nature trails.  What a cute dad with his adorable girls.  (P.S.  Jonas was totally scared of the prairie dogs we saw there!  He would literally run to me - help!  I had to remind him of his talk with Miles on the car-ride up - of him shooting a bear someday.  Hmmmm. . . might need to get a little braver Jonas. . . :)

 Jonas did braven up (really?  braven is not a word??) and held Rosie as well - with 10 minutes left until closing.  Awesome.

One of the highlights for the boys was catching squirrels in the backyard.  Miles had caught one earlier in the day (it was a catch'n release thing) and Jonas was soooo hoping to have caught one while we were away at the butterfly pavilion.  And so luckily he did!  He was ecstatic!
 Look at that excited boy!  It was so cute and fun to see them have that experience.

 Releasing the squirrel. . .

 The car ride home.  We had picked up some fun candy for the kids on our date - there is this really adorable little candy shop on Main St. in Littleton.  We decided on these gummy snakes.  So cute.  Sick Emmy, who really didn't eat much this whole trip, gobbled it all up - of course - in record time, too.

The boys decided to play with theirs for a little bit before devouring theirs up.

Our ride home was fun because we listened to The Tale of Despereaux.  Such a wonderful and delightful book!

I've already talked to Ben about going back to Littleton in a month or so. . . and we just might not return to Montrose. . . :)


erinmalia said...

oh. don't move to littleton. move to maryland.

emily said...

well i'm not saying littleton. . . i'm just saying. . . not montrose. :)

not so sure about maryland. how about we both move somewhere crazy like. . . maine. :)

erinmalia said...

DUDE. no. haha.

Rachelle said...

And I was just thinking the other day about what a great little town you live in - for now??

And I'll tell my children they're not the only ones who trap squirrels at their grandparents' - we get some downright brazen fruit stealers in CA, and they get taken to a far away park...

courtney said...

move to littleton! then we'll get to see you when we visit this summer. :) i'm jealous just thinking of your bike ride. did you go on the highline canal? dreamy.

emily said...

@courtney: most definitely the highline canal (to chatfield res.). and most definitely dreamy. :)

we just might run in to you over the summer. . . that would be fun! (but not b/c we'd have moved there - just visiting. . . sigh).

erinmalia said...

wow. 6 comments? i thought 7 would be nice. hi sis!