Tuesday, May 08, 2012

6th Fishing Derby (plus more) - minus the girls

Last Saturday Team Maxwell split-up - girls and boys.  The girls all went to Grand Junction for the Girls on the Run (GOTR) 5K Race.  Someday I'll write more about me doing the GOTR this past season.  So I took the girls up with me bright and early and we enjoyed the hot race - the little girls were lucky in their amazing stroller with shade, a box of raisins, and rice-cakes.  Luckies.  After the race we went and got frozen yogurt and then headed over to Old Navy - where I was successful - yay!  A fun day for us girls.

The boys stayed back at home as there were activities going on here for them.  Jonas had a soccer game at 10:30:

 I just like this picture.

 Jonas got to do a goal-kick.  Yay.

Team Zebras.

After the game the boys went to the Fishing Derby.  We've gone just about every year (I think we missed one year.).  There they enjoyed a sack-lunch prepared by Miles and then they started the fishin'.

 Sweet boy.

 Why, yes, yes indeed, Miles did catch a fish on his first cast in the first 10 seconds.  Remember, that kid has The Miles Luck.  I know the lake is crazy stocked for this event, but still we have been plenty of times without catching a thing.

 Our fish-kissing boy.  He loves creatures, especially water ones.  He was so torn between throwing the fish back in versus keeping it to make his beloved fish-pie.  The fish got thrown back in.

 Jonas caught at fish towards the end.  Thank goodness.  :)

Cute little fisherboys.  (Miles did end up catching, and keeping, a second fish.  All were made in to fish pie on Monday.  Miles, Jonas, and surprisingly Emmy, were the only ones that actually ate it.  It wasn't bad, but there was an ENOURMOUS amount of butter in the whole thing and so I just couldn't do it!)

The rest of the day Ben and I were pretty tired!  But there were bathrooms to be cleaned (by me - blech), dinner to be made (by Ben, some french vegetable soup - yum), home-improvement projects to work on and more.

It was a good and productive day!


erinmalia said...

i like fish, but that fish pie sounds NASTY, even without/with the butter.

emily said...

haha, it's not bad actually. if it wasn't loaded with butter i would have had it for dinner. it has rice and eggs and dill and such. it's good - for a fish pie. :)

Nicole said...

Oh so fun! Looks beautiful with the sunshine and green! Yeah for spring!