Friday, May 04, 2012

Cute stuff

cute quote:
"Ohhh, I have a beauty freckle!"
~ emmy

And, of course, some cute pictures:
 Jonas spear-headed this one afternoon.  He "cleaned" the cement patio - with water (so fun I'm sure!) and towels and brooms.  Awesome.  Then he and Emmy set-up this little outdoor snack-area for me and Ben.  Unfortunately Ben and I couldn't eat together (he was at work of course and the kids wanted me to eat then), but it was still sweet and fun - for them and us.  :)

 Some cute fun with bubbles (from Grandma Diana - thanks again!).

And a cute after-snack (and a lucky snack, too - chocolate pudding!) picture of The Goose.  (Yes, sometimes we call her The Goose.  Or even Lucy [loosey] Goosey).

Yay for cuteness.

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erinmalia said...

wow. i've never heard the goose before. pretty awesome.