Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First day of Summer Break, 2012

Don't worry, I won't blog every day of our summer break.  Unless it's exciting.  However, today wasn't terribly exciting yet I'm still blogging about it. . . But it was actually very exciting for the kids.  So there.

I think by 7:30 Jonas had already begged me to let him go play at Jake's house.  I told him no and then he whined about how he had nothing to do and what could he do!?

I think by 7:31 Miles was asking me if he could make stuff and sell it outside our house.  "Let me think about that."  By 7:32 Miles had asked me again.  "Let me think about it!"  By 7:34 Miles had asked me if I had thought about it.  I said no.  By around 8 Miles asked me again.  I told him to go inside and see what he would/could make.  I can't remember what he first came up with, but we didn't have the stuff to make it.  Then he said brownies.  Alright. And lemon bars.  Okay.  (I sighed a silent Ugh.)

So, I helped Miles make brownies (whoops, Miles doubled the salt!  I tried to scoop out as much as I could. . . I was still a little worried. . . so I "frosted" them with some random marshmallow creme stuff we had on hand. . .just in case) and helped Jonas make lemon bars.  Then we had to go on an errand for an older lady-friend and then back for lunch and then. . . finally out to sell.  The boys were awesome (after I had thrown a bit of fit. . . ahem) and went down to the cellar and brought up, by themselves, the folded table and took it outside and set it all up.

To make a long story semi-short, the boys had lots of people stop and buy.  Most gave them "tips."  They stayed out until they were all sold-out.  We came back in, cleaned up, and counted the money.  Then paid tithing, after which Jonas cried at the HUGE stack of NICKELS he had to pay.  He doesn't quite understand that a huge stack of nickels is not as much as a little stack of quarters.  Anyways. . . the boys were thrilled.  Emmy was happy to get a few extra treats.

Oh, we also finished up a craft I have been wanting to try with the kids for while.  We did the gluing yesterday (the black outline is a mix of black paint and glue) and then the kids painted them today.  Jonas and Miles did all the outlining, which I thought they did a pretty good job.  Because I'm me, I did get a little frustrated that Jonas started not just painting a uniform color in each section.  Ugh, it drove me crazy.  I tried pleading with him to not to it that way, but then just let him go and create as he wanted to.  Luckily Miles kept his very pattern-y.  :)

Anyways, that was some of what went on today. . .

 So cute.  I love it.  I pretty much stayed "behind the scenes" (on the steps) and let the boys deal with their customers on their own.

I do really like how they all turned out.

We ended the day with Lucy amazing me with her memory and vocabulary, Miles and Jonas playing robots outside, and Emmy not feeling so well with a slight fever perhaps. . . (please, oh please, let her be well in the morning; for all our sakes. . .)


Rachelle said...

Sounds like a great kick-off to summer! Maybe those boys are ready for a business license...Last night Anna was telling me all about her plan to catch and sell fish on a little stand outside our house - we're still working out the refrigeration concerns as the temperature's over 100.

erinmalia said...

oh how i can't wait to do a lemonade stand with my boys. maybe we should do one in utah?

emily said...

good luck rachelle. :) i like her thinking, though!

and erin, YES we totally should do one in utah!

erinmalia said...

oh man, no second day of break? sniff sniff.

Niederfam said...

were totally up for a lemonade stand.......can we come? fun times. welcome summer. ;)

Emily said...

You definitely have some creative kids, thats for sure!! I have fond memories of having a lemonade stand as a kid and I know yours will too :) Here's to summer!

courtney said...

ha ha! i have to laugh because i also have a bit of trouble letting my children be creative when i want them to do it a certain way...

love that jonas cried at giving away his huge stack of nickels. :)