Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day Weekend

(my sweet spoils. . . )

(I'm so long-winded!)

Well I had a really good weekend.  It started with a 6-mile uphill race - The Black Canyon Ascent - on Saturday morning.  I loved the race for lots of reasons.  It was in my town (my first in town race?).  Since it started at the bottom there were no shuttle-rides to the start of the race - thus meaning I didn't have to be there an hour or 2 before the race started.  I think I got there about 15 minutes before - perfect!  I was slow, yet steady.  It was cool, except when it wasn't - but then we'd usually get a good breeze that would help (not with speed, but I'd rather be cool and slow than hot. . and slow).  It was a 2,000 feet climb.  The last 0.5 mile was downhill - sweet peaches!  I was so happy about that.  I could have/would have pushed myself a little more at the very end, but I kept checking to see if Ben and carload were coming yet - then I would have let them see me finish.  But they came about 5 minutes too late.  Oh well.

The after-race was fun:  lots of food (I think Great Harvest provided my boys with at least 1/2 of their food for the day. . . And why were the kids so hungry; they hadn't just run???), live music, and awards.  No award for me, of course, but still fun to just be there.  I finished at 71:20 - 48th overall (160 - but that includes the walkers, too) and 10th (out of 38) for my age-group.  I was actually pleased with that.

On the way back from the race we stopped off at the local "petting-zoo" that was there for the morning.  We saw pigs (including brown ones - soooo cute!), chicken, horses, sheeps, and goats (including a teeny-tiny baby one).  Miles and Lucy loved petting the sheep - especially Miles.  It was very sweet.

Then was lunch-time:  I was amazed my kids still ate lunch even though they had eaten up most of my race-food stuff I had grabbed (I grabbed them mainly for them anyways. . .).  You would think they are growing kids or something.

Lucy napped; Ben and Emmy went grocery shopping (part of my mother's day treat:  not having to come up with the food menu, nor shopping!); and the boys and I played some pirate board games.  When Ben and Emmy came home, the 2 boys and myself rode our bikes to Main Street.  It was having some "vintage mother's day" something or other.  We saw some neat early 1900s Model-Ts and such.  The boys made some neat mother's day cards.  Oh, and the boys got yet another slice of bread (free, of course) from Great Harvest.

After that Ben took all the kids (carwash, quick library trip, park) so I could have some quiet-time for napping, etc.  I did a post, read for a while, then took a nap.  It was lovely.  It's probably been a year since I've had a nap.  Loved it.  That evening I did get to skype with my parents and wish my lovely mother a happy day - since it was already Mother's Day in Japan.  I got to see some cute Elders that had brought over a homemade, in their rice-cooker, cake for mother's day.  How thoughtful were they!?

So that was pretty much Saturday.

Sunday we all enjoyed a hot-cereal breakfast - which I love.  No, not in bed.  I think I prefer to eat my breakfast at a table. . . I got showered with all sorts of paintings, drawings, letters, and cards.  It was fun and sweet and cute and everything good.  Ben didn't have any meetings that morning and so that was a nice gift, too.  After church we had my requested dinner:  paninis, corn on the cob, salad, and key lime pie.  All was yum.

And that was that.

I'm lucky to be a mother to 4 wonderful and sometimes-not children.  And I'm lucky to have a wonderful mother and mother-in-law.  I've got it good indeed.


erinmalia said...

"sweet peaches?" i've never heard/read you say that before. i learned something new about my sister today.

awesome that you finished that race. good job runner! just think, your next race is with me. :)

happy mothers' day to you!

emily said...

so i've never really said "sweet peaches" until i came to that part of the run. it just came out! :) so of course i had to include it.