Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Book List

Just in case you're curious (which probably nobody is. . .) about the books we are reading:

Ben - reading Anne of Green Gables.  No I did not make him read it (the book I want him to read is The Count of Monte Cristo. . . ).  Of course I support his choice and he is enjoying it.

Me - I am reading our book club book, The Book Thief.  I am not super far in to it, but am liking it so far.  I am also reading the boys "Owls in the Family."  It looks like an old book?  The boys picked it up on the free table at school one day.  I totally love reading it to my boys.  It's a fun book - full of good boy adventures.  The boys are loving it just as much - "Please, mom, please read one more chapter.  Please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

Miles - He just finished Little House on the Prairie last week.  Then he just, just finished (as in last night) The Castle in  the Attic.  He really loved this book (I don't think the kid has read a book he doesn't like. . .) and would have to come down and tell us all about it.  I found out about this book via the new section in The Friend, Book Reviews.  Awesome.  It was a winner.  He's reading lots of other non-fiction books about space, Mars, Antarctica, and so on.

Jonas - While he is a good little reader, he goes through phases of not wanting to read to himself - though he always loves being read to.  He loves me reading to him Cowardly Clyde.  A Peet (I don't know his first name) book.  We like him.  He did read Scooby Doo's Carnival Creep.  He likes it.

Emmy - she reads (looks at) whatever "girl books" we picked from the library.  She's always adamant that we get "girl books."  Love it.

Lucy - she loves carrying around books and looking at them throughout the day.  She likes "My First Book of Sounds."  She likes some of the Arthur books.  She likes "Can You Tell Elmo How to Get to Sesame Street?"  And any book that has babies in it.

The end.

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erinmalia said...

looks like your version comes from 1961. so yes, kinda old. and it's about two boys, eh? might just have to check the thrift store for it!