Friday, May 18, 2012

Wilson = old man

So Wilson had a birthday yesterday - 10 years old.  And, yes, he most definitely acts like he's 70.  He's a great dog really and has always been so good (i.e., tolerant) with our kids.  The kids, Miles especially, was quite adamant that we celebrate with cake.  Of course.  So I made a cake - and we even let Wilson eat a slice.  Ha. Miles also really, really wanted to buy him some goodies at the pet-store.  So we went on Tuesday and Miles bought a big baggie of dog treats - that look so good that all my kids were mad they couldn't eat any of them (not that they haven't ever tried some. . .).

Yesterday was also Jonas' last soccer games.  He had a double-header due to a game that was rained-out (it probably rained for 5 minutes) a while ago.  While Jonas did have some improvement over the season, I'll just say that I don't see soccer in his future.  Or anything else that involves running.  My children lack the hussle-gene.  Well, Emmy might have some. . . we'll have to see.  Anyways, the first game Jonas did really well in defense during the first half.  Second half, I can't remember.  Last game?  He was pretty pathetic.  He let 2 goals in - which, really, I wouldn't care if he was trying.  But he wasn't watching the ball at all and that was the problem.  Then he complained to me that he just doesn't like running, which I reminded him that he was goalie and so he hardly had to run!  Geez.

Anyways, some pictures from yesterday:

 The cake.  I've made something similar to this a few years ago.  It did look better, but when I was doing some piping a big blob of frosting bursted out all over the front.  Oh well.  It was definitely edible.

 Wilson begging for his slice.  :)

 Awwww, we do love him.

 Lucy enjoyed the cake.  With her hands.  I don't know why she's holding the fork.

Enjoying a snow-cone after Jonas' final soccer game.  Perhaps the best part of his soccer season?  :)

Oh, and a video:


erinmalia said...

how is wilson still alive!? that's crazy. you make the coolest cakes for your family. come make one for bruno. who cares if you'll miss jonas's and ben's birthdays. it's BRUNO.

emily said...

yes, wilson does have 9 lives.

when is bruno's bday? if you fly me out, i'll make the cake for FREE. :)

Emily said...

I am SO impressed with your cake!! It looks great and I love that you gave him a slice too :) Way to celebrate in style!

courtney said...

i've missed so much! i love that you made a cake...and also that your kids were begging to eat the dog treats. :)