Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First camp-out of the season. . . in the backyard

The boys tried a camp-out in the backyard last year but got thundered/rained out.  So we decided to give it a go again.  I didn't sleep out - since Lucy was inside asleep. . . and it's more comfortable on a bed. . .  But I was out for most of the evening with everyone and then came back out and saw some of the stars finally make their appearance - though I had just missed a shooting star (which was definitely neat for the kids to see).  They had a good time and, of course, want to do it pretty much every night.

To go along with our camping-theme I even made a dutch-oven dinner - all.  by.  myself.  I don't really know what I was thinking when I told Ben I could do it.  I mean, I don't think I've really ever started a fire on my own - like a sustaining fire.  But Ben was gone for the entire day (10 hours - blech) and didn't get home until after 6 and so it was up to me.  It took me around 45 minutes to finally get the coals to turn gray.  I made sloppy joes and it was pretty great.  Jonas downed his in about 4 bites.  :)

Anyways, here is a fun video of Jonas, the scary storyteller:
Fun times!


Rachelle said...

Loved the video, and how Ben says, "We actually sat down to say a prayer." Sounds like our family prayer time, too - that's very close to home. Wish we could get together one of these days!

erinmalia said...

rhett loved the scary story! so cute.