Tuesday, June 05, 2012

the Maxwell's Cupcake Day!

Today is Cupcake Day - at least for these Maxwells.  Find out its origins here.  Check it out in 2008, 2009, 2010 was forgotten apparently, and 2011.

This year was the first year that I/we didn't make the cupcakes.  There is a cute new shop in town (albeit a little expensive. . .well when compared to box cupcakes) that I thought would be fun to try today.  It was fun.  The kids loved their cupcakes.  But I just cant justify $10 for 4 cupcakes. . . all that often.  Anyways, cute pictures:

P.S.  Yes, there are a lot more pictures of the girls.  They were just too darn cute.

P.P.S.  No, I didn't dress the girls (okay, I did put on the headbands. . .).  Emmy got herself ready for gymnastics and even dressed Lucy while I was in the shower.  Super adorable.

P.P.P.S  These pictures were taken right before Jonas' haircut.  In some ways, his first haircut.  We've trimmed his hair a whole bunch of times and once we (Ben and I) totally buzzed his hair.  But other than that, he's never really had a haircut. . . until day.  Miles kept saying, "He doesn't even look like him."  Miles prefers the old look.  Jonas says he likes it.  And me?  Oh, that's tough.  It's a cute cut, for sure, and looks great.  But it's just different. . . and I think I adore his longer locks.  But at least I'm not crying.  Pics later on in the week. . .


erinmalia said...

i love that one of lucy. and why don't you ever remind me of this?! haha. i never remember. oh, and what flavors did everyone get? you didn't get one?

emily said...

you still have time!

everyone but miles got "chocolate chunk." miles got "cinnamon toast crunch." no, i didn't get one. i have a self-imposed rule that i follow pretty greatly: no treats during the day.

courtney said...

i LOVE the picture with all four kiddos. especially emmy's face in it. just perfect. :)