Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Real Camp-out

Well, we did it.  We took the whole family camping - and not just to our backyard.  To the forest.  The first camp-out of the season is a little scary because we just don't know quite what to expect from our kids - particularly Lucy and her sleeping.  But I'll get to that later.  This will be a long post - most likely wordy and definitely lots of pictures:

 First things first:  set up the tent.  Then play in it!  Wahoo.

 We bought a bow-and-arrow set - we thought it would be a fun activity for everyone.  Ben got the first shot.  My own Robin Hood.

 Jonas' first go at it - not bad, not bad at all.

 Miles' first shot - I love how the arrow got in the picture, too!

 Emmy loved trying it out - but she was a little too little to do it on her own.  That didn't stop her, though - she'd still do it with help from us.

 Jonas really, really loved it.  Here he is shooting at the target - and actually hitting it.  So cool.

 We camped at Woods Lake - about 25 miles from the town of Telluride.  We camped at this site so we could go fishing and such on Friday.  Well. . . the lake had been "shocked" or something and then restocked.  All the fish were itty-bitty still and so there was no fishing on the lake yet.  Bummer.  We were told to go down the road and try the river.  It was way too hard to manage 4 kids by the river - particularly Lucy.  So it didn't last long, nor were any fish caught.

 Miles was bummed he couldn't stay longer.  Sorry bud.

 Of course we did s'mores.  I am usually not a s'more fan since I don't love marshmallows, but I loved them this time.  We had pink marshmallows and I heated my graham cracker and chocolate over the fire (on a grill-thingy) so the chocolate was all melty; it made for a wonderfully delicious s'more.  Emmy liked to eat hers, too.

 Lucy sleeping. . . however it didn't last long.  I put her down at 7:30 - she went down without a peep.  WAHOO, I thought.  I was worried how she would do.  I was still worry about what would happen when the rest of us came to bed. . .but at that moment I was pretty happy.  Then at 8:15 Emmy begged us to let her go to the tent and go to bed.  Really?  We told her she wasn't going to be able to come in and out - if she went in now she was there to stay.  Seriously, she begged.  WAHOO, I thought again.  This will make it easier for when the rest of us come to bed later on.  Maybe 20 minutes later Emmy peeps out and wants to come out.  But, no, a deal was a deal and she couldn't.  She handled it surprisingly well.

Well about 20 minutes later we hear Lucy crying.  We don't think Emmy did anything. . . but who knows?  As Ben and I were trying to figure out what we should do (Do we go and hold her?  Do we let her cry it out for a few minutes???), Emmy started singing to her.  Cute, silly, made-up songs.  Emmy kept this singing up for 10-15 minutes.  Lucy had totally quieted down and was listening.  It was pretty much the cutest darn thing you ever heard from two sisters.  That Emmy can be truly amazing.  Well after all the singing, the girls got goofy.  I had no idea what exactly was going on, but there was lots of laughing.  It was adorable to listen to - and we didn't want to wreck their fun.

We had wanted to keep the boys up to show them the stars.  But they were getting scared. . . and were begging to go to bed.  We kept putting them off until I just finally gave in, said we might as well all go in the tent for a bit (since everyone was awake), then come back out in 20 or so minutes to check out the stars.  So we all got PJs on and went to the tent.  Much to Emmy's and Lucy's delight I am sure.  And Lucy provided the entertainment - we just all sat in our sleeping bags watching her and playing the "hug me" game. It went something like this, "If you hug me (one of the kids) then I'll sing you a song."  Although Miles' wasn't to sing a song, it was to recite a poem.  And recite he did.  And hug 'n hug 'n hug Lucy did.  Totally cute.  We went to check out the stars, but the boys were pretty scared.  So it didn't last too long.  We got back in the tent and had strict orders of "Silence!"  Poor little Lucy cried - "Daddy hold you me," (meaning, Daddy hold me), also she cried, "I can't see" (after hearing Miles say that once).  "I can't see" almost made me burst out laughing it was just so sweet and cute.  She finally fell quiet and then must have fallen asleep.  She slept well and soundly until about 6:15 - I then picked her up and held her (she was so cuddly and still sleepy!) until everyone else got up - around 7.  7!  A record for our family for camping.  It was definitely due to the late-night partying that was happening in our tent.

 Miles, the next morning.  He was so much dirtier than what the camera picked up!

 We had to wait a little while for breakfast.  It was only oatmeal. . . but the fire took a while to get going and boil our water. . . Lucy was at the table shouting out, "Dinner-time!"  It was Awesome.

 Emmy had fun in the morning playing with her fire-stick.  I told her I wanted to take her picture and she struck a pose.  Love it!

 Two cute brothers enjoying their morning oatmeal around the campfire.

 Ben wanted ash-cakes and so each kid (and parent) made one after breakfast.  Ben, me, Miles, and Lucy loved them!  Yum.  Lucy's enjoying her ash-cake here and Jonas is just. . . adorable.

 There was this little stream about 30 or so feet from our tent.  Lucy had had fun the day before wading in the water and so we thought she'd like to do it at the stream.  Looks fun, right?!

 Nooooo, it was waaaaaay too cold!  What a great face!
The kids all came up here with me and we used our water-filter and filled up our water-bottles.  It was pretty great drinking cool, mountain spring water - for free.

 Our next big adventure (after breaking down camp. . .) was to go hiking.  One of the boys' merit badge requirements is to go on two 5-miles hikes.  We had found a 5-mile hike right out of Telluride and thought that would be perfect.  And it was a perfect hike for our family!  Everyone did really great and it was so beautiful!
 Cute Ben, Lucy, and her Boo.

 Here we are with Bear Creek Falls behind us.

 Yay for our little hikers!

 This is just a random shot, but I so love it.  We were eating our lunch and Jonas was so pouting about having to eat a little more of his sandwich. . . so I decided I would take a picture of the Pouting Jonas.  Jonas decided to try and run away from my camera. ..  Totally cute (both Jonas and Ben).

 Miles sadly left all of his collected rocks from the day before at our campsite (it would have added about 50 minutes to go back and get them and we weren't doing that).  Luckily he found some pretty great ones here, too.  Jonas liked launching wood (i.e, "boats) and watching them travel down the river.

 Emmy was so funny on the way back!  She just trekked on far ahead of us for a little bit.  She did so super on this hike and I only carried her once - for probably a minute or less.  I was super proud of her.

We finally got back to town and there is this little park - I think it's made for 2 year-olds.  It's perfect for Lucy.  She loved being out of the backpack and had fun playing for a bit.  There was a little "kid's fishing pond" right next to this park and the boys really wanted to fish.  So we got their poles and within pretty much a minute of each kid getting their line in the pond, a fish was caught!  Yay for stocked ponds!  Emmy was so excited - I wish I had gotten a picture.  Anyways, we now have 3 fish for Ben to make in to Fish Pie - Miles' favorite food, he claims.

So there it is, our first camp-out.  It started out with a lot of cranky kids (I didn't mention that, but they sure were. . .) but ended pretty sweetly.


erinmalia said...

so great! of course i'm jealous of the beautiful mountains, cool summer nights, and zero humidity! glad it was a success. and seriously, as long as lucy didn't wake at 2 a.m., totally great.

Rachelle said...

Loved the family picture by the falls - you Maxwells are so beautiful!

erinmalia said...

p.s. you've inspired me to reserve a campground for fall. hope ollie's up for it!

Niederfam said...

I LOVE all the family camping pictures, and the BIG smiling faces....I'm really going to have to change my attitude about camping. ;)

rebecca said...

Love the dirty face picture of Miles and the last one of Lucy in her plaid shirt. There's not much I love more than camping with the family!

Your blog is always so inspiring. I need to get my blogging self back in gear. We have a new computer (finally) and I'm going to get back into blogging and commenting. :)