Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Update

Well I don't have any specific to say really - and no pictures (what?!) - but I thought I would give a little update.  This week was our boys' last week of the Summer Adventure Program.  Remember, they went to it M-Th from 1-4.  It was perfectly perfect.  I loved it; the boys loved it.  Every week was a different theme, with crafts, fun snacks, adventures, and the such to go along.  It was the perfect little summer "camp."  There is a session 2, but we opted not to do it.  I'm sure in some ways I'll regret that decision, but this will give us more free time in the afternoons. . . to drive us all crazy.

The very last day of the program was at the swimming pool.  Ugh.  You know (or you might not know?) how much I hate kids and water.  Or, more specifically, my kids and water.  None of my kids can swim and I am pretty scared of drowning. . .ugh.  But I knew my boys so wanted to go.  But I also knew that there was no way that the leaders would be able to watch everyone at all times.  And I felt uncomfortable with that with my non-swimmers.  So we were able to make arrangements for me to go with them and for a babysitter to be here with the girls.  The boys loved every second of it.  I did enjoy it - but 3 hours was pretty long for me.  I'm not a water-girl, that's for sure.  But it was fun - even cold (when those clouds would come over. . . brrrrr. . . ).  Jonas had several "warming breaks" - that kid has no fat!  They boys loved going down the big slide at the inside pool - that was definitely fun.  They also loved getting sugar-cereal for snack - fruit loops, apple jacks, and pops.  They would go back and back and back for more and more handfuls.  Cute.

Ben and I and Inc. were going to go to my parents' home (they, of course, aren't there. . .) this weekend.  It was going to have to be short - driving Friday night and heading back Sunday morning.  But my dad had gotten has some fabulous seats to the outdoor theater in Midway for a performance of Fiddler on the Roof. After much debate we decided to cancel our trip.  It was a hard choice - especially because my parents had done so much to help - but a good one for us.  I'm glad I'm not packing up right now, really.  We haven't had a weekend with "nothing on the books" for a really long time.  And we have many projects, one in particular (paving around our house, etc.), that just needs more time than we've been able to give.  So kind of a bummer, but luckily my parents have been parents of young children before (what!?) and were totally understanding.  So hopefully we can finish up our "curb appeal" project soon and show some pics.  Ben does great work in my opinion.

It's hot here.  Too hot for June.  We can't water enough to keep our grass green.  We are officially in a severe drought.  I can't wait for a rainy day - we need it, Utah needs it.

The kids, minus Lucy, will start private and semi-private swim lessons next week.  Miles will be 1-on-1 and Jonas and Emmy will be together.  I hope it goes well and they actually learn some skills!  Please, please, please.

We keep ourselves pretty busy during the week with Emmy's gymnastics, riding bikes to story-time at the library, Tuesday and Thursday outings with our good friend Csilla and her two boys, etc., etc.  We are busier than I think we have ever been.

And that's enough for now.


erinmalia said...

good update, sis. here's to hoping that our storms make it your way, which i know is impossible.

i {heart} hawkes said...

such fun posts lately! it looks like you are having a great summer.

Niederfam said...

agree....summer is SOOOOO busy, how/why does that happen? ;)