Thursday, June 14, 2012

When the boys are away. . .

While the boys go to their "adventure camp" from 1-4 each day (except for Fridays), Emmy likes to dance:


Today the boys got to go on our "field trip," bus and all.  They always get "lucky" snacks like chips, kool-aid, s'mores (baked in a homemade foil-oven), edible dirt (crushed oreo, chocolate pudding, and gummy worm), etc.  So I treated the girls to a "lucky" snack today:
Yay for summer!


erinmalia said...

are you sure it's a dance or is it a beam routine? whatever it is, it's cute. and chuck wants to know why it only happens when the boys are away?

emily said...

why, yes, it does look like a beam routine. she likes to do it on the hearth and so she doesn't have tons of jumping-room, ya know. but did you notice her pointed toes - amazing! well we usually just don't stop to do dance performances while the boys around. not sure why. . .