Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Adventure on the Sabot

Technically, I think our Sabot was christened Grassy Rose many years ago. . . And what is a sabot?  Go and look here.

Ben has been aching to get back out on his sailboat.  I guess sailing every five years is not enough for him.  He was also aching to take me out on it as well.  So a date was planned, a life-jacket was borrowed, a funky car-rack was made by Ben to hoist our boat on to, and a babysitter was secured.

We headed out Saturday afternoon.  The skies were a little worrisome, but since it like hardly ever rains here (Thursday was a fluke!) and we did see some blue sky, we went forward with our plans.  The sky got worse as we got closer to the reservoir, but whatever we thought.

So we got there, got the boat set up, and sailed off!  We had a very smooth beginning - sometimes it can be a little tricky.  And then we caught some great winds and were off and sailing - yes, at one point, I did scream, "Oh Ben, oh Ben, do you know what you are doing?!"  The winds were quite strong then and was moving us quite fast (for a little sailboat, of course) and really I had no clue about anything and had no clue what Ben was doing either.  I mean, when you have to be taught/shown what to do if the boat tipped over, it does make you worry and wonder, right?  :)  But I was laughing lots - at the fun time and my own silliness.  It was pretty much all fun and games. . .

Until the storm came and the winds died down.

We had really cruised far out there.  The rain was the drenching type.  In one minute I was darn chilly.  In five minutes, Ben was darn chilly.  And then we just had to wait and wait and stare at the long-off shore until we finally got little snippets of wind here and there and made it back to land - ho!  We got our towel, dried off, wrapped ourselves in the wool blanket that stays in the back of our car, and ate Pringles (dates and pringles - something we enjoy like twice a year.  :)  It was wonderful.  Then we were still chilly, but the rains had gone.  So we ran around, did some jumping jacks to get warm, and decided to give it another go.

We gave it another go.  But the winds were completely gone.  Which is not good for sailing.  Duh.  But even then it was just fun.

I did tell Ben that he was lucky to have married someone who is 4'10 1/4" (the 1/4 is important) because anyone even slightly taller would not have fit in his little boat.  He agreed.

Good times - hopefully we can do it again. . . and sooner than five years from now.


erinmalia said...

haha. this cracks me up. i must admit, in your, "oh ben oh ben..." quote i was hoping for a different, more-romantic, ending. :)

Niederfam said...

totally reminds me of my honeymoon sailing adventure with p in san diego where we LITERALLY about dumped a 15 ft catalina in the bay.......i was sitting there clueless until water started coming in and then was like, "ummm...are you sure this is okay" he said YES, but LIED through his teeth!!! smart boy. ;)