Thursday, July 05, 2012

July Fourth, 2012

We had a good day - a full day.  A full day with four kids 8 and under can be risky.  We had our moments, for sure, but all in all it was pretty darn great.

We decorated our bikes on Tuesday night and then rode our bikes to our church's pancake breakfast that morning.  It was a fabulous morning bike ride:
 The bike gang in front of our house.

 Emmy on her "fancy, like Fancy Nancy" bike.

 The gang riding down the street.  So festive and patriotic.

 Jonas cruising and enjoying it.

Miles and his fun bike, too.

I knew we wouldn't have time to ride our bikes back home and then go to our next stop, the parade, so Ben drove the car over to the church on Tuesday night and rode his bike home.  So we locked our bikes up at church and got in the car and headed to Ouray for the parade and other festivities.

 My cute gang of red, white, and blues.  We found a good spot for parade-watching.

Not a bad backdrop for a parade, huh?!

 Of course no parade is complete without a camel.  A camel - what?!

 This is how Lucy was for the entire parade - cowardly cuddled.  The LOUD noises (so loud and so frequent!) and spraying water (a tradition at this parade apparently) are 2 things that Lucy detests.  Luckily she didn't cry or anything, just cuddled her head on me.

After the parade we went to the town's park for more games and playing at the park:
There was a fire engine there and Lucy just loved to hang!  She loves hanging on bars!

They also had a bunch of races - determined by age and sex.  Here is Miles running in his group.  He didn't win.  Too bad because the winner won a couple of bucks!  We'll need to practice our starts.  :)

After playing at the park and walking to the pond where huge fish live and turtles bask on the rocks, we were on to our next activity:  hiking.  So we walked back to our, ate our sack lunches in the car,  then headed to the trailhead.

Miles was IN LOVE with this hike.  He kept exclaiming, "This is the best hike ever."  He loved the little details found in the rocks, the formations, etc.

 Cute little Lucy enjoyed it, too.  She was just a teeny-tiny bit slow. . .

Unfortunately we had to end the hike right about here.  It was raining pretty good (it's been a drought for so long, so of course of all days it would rain on the 4th!  i'm so not complaining, though. . .we need every bit of it).  The thunder was impressive.  I hadn't seen lightning, but it was just cold.  No-body-fat Emmy and Jonas were already freezing after a few minutes of the rain.  We weren't prepared for the rain and thought it best if we headed back to the car.  To say Miles was upset would be an understatement.  He was so upset and mad.  We understood, yet were still frustrated with him as he wouldn't even listen to us.  He did exclaim, "I haven't had any fun days in such a long time!"  Woe was Miles.

 Ben wanted to check out some camping areas he had heard about and so we drove back in the mountains.  It was a delightful drive in the rain - the mountain air fresh with rain was heavenly!  Lucy got in a little nap, but it short-lived because we decided to try the hike again (Miles had calmed down by now) because the rain had stopped.  I wanted to hike probably as much as Miles, too.  :)

 So we went back and did our little hike - little as in less than a mile.  But it was perfect.  We hiked up to a wonderful spot full of fun waterfalls, pools (the hike is called Baby Bathtubs), and lots of rocks for climbing.  It was so, so, so nice!  Here Emmy was busting some moves while Jonas was busting a pose.  Wow, awesome.

 Cute Emmy lovin' it all, too.

 Lucy rock-climbing!

 I mean, how could kids not have fun here?  It was the perfect spot.

 The deepest "bathtub" we saw.  It was cold - not freezing, but definitely cool.

 It started drizzling on the way back.  After weeks of above-average summer temps, the chill was so grand.  Jonas fashioned himself an umbrella.  :)

Then we drove home.  We had to stop by the church to load our bikes on the car.  Jonas and Emmy wanted to ride back home and so I gladly agreed and went with them.

 Here I am with my patriotic bike.  (The wheels did look better in the morning. . .but still super fun, I think.)

And here Jonas and I are riding back - Emmy was a little behind.  Another fun bike ride - yay!

We ended the holiday with a movie for the kids, a typical July 4th dinner (untypical for us) of hot dogs, corn, and beans.  We also had a lovely flag-decorated (with blueberries and strawberries) cake.  This cake to be exact.  I love this cake - and it's even low-fat.  :)

A pretty great fourth.  And, yes, there was even some singing in the car of patriotic songs by Ben and myself.  My poor kids. . .(because of my voice, not Ben's!).

I am proud to be an American.


erinmalia said...

ack! so fun! after watching rhett play with cousins this week, it makes me sooooo excited for him to get to spend time with your cuties. seriously, i love your family! and those mountains. but your family more.

Niederfam said...

sounds like a PERFECT (BUSY) 4th. I agree---I LOVE america too!