Monday, July 23, 2012

Merit Badge Updates

 So we are slowly but surely getting merit badges earned around here.  It's a lot of work with four kids, I think!  But I'm still glad we're doing it - though I wonder if we'll really finish them all before summer is over (or the end of August, really).  We'll see.  Emmy has earned her art and hiking badges and is close to getting her "health and exercise" one, too.  The boys have gotten their cooking, hiking, art, and health & exercise badges.  And that other merit badge board is one that Miles made for Lucy.  As you can see she has earned a few badges.  I can't remember what they are.  But she did have a requirement to run up and down our path in our backyard.  Awesome.

I took a few pictures of our merit badge activity we did this morning:  the track.  Among a few other requirements for their "health and exercise" badge, they each had to run/walk the track three different times - doing as many laps as old they are.

 Warm up time with jumping jacks.  None of my kids can quite do them right.  I love it.

 Lucy did some running and walking.  It was adorable.  Of course.

 Emmy is our little Super Star Runner.  She is really quite good.  She's the only one that can really go fast and endure, too.  It's awesome to watch her.  She's only suppose to do 4 laps, but the first and third time we went she did 6 and the second time she did 8 laps.  She rocks and I can't wait to do Girls on the Run with her someday!

Jonas is usually the slowest poke.  In fact, Emmy once finished her 8 laps before he had done his 6.  But that's okay.  But today!?  Wow, Emmy must have revved him up because he stayed with her the whole time and did a whole lot more running than well, than ever.  It was pretty cool and he seemed happy!

Miles did good on his third go on the track.  He never did as great as the first time when he ran 2.5 miles and walked 0.5 (surpassing his required 8 laps by 4).  I was really hoping he'd have a little bit of a runner in him, but who knows.  He's still young.  :)  He still does well and runs and walks and doesn't complain much.

We've still got lots to do, like memorizing poems, building a bird house (we've started at least!), journaling about some nature walks, cleaning up a park, etc.

We'll keep on keeping on those merit badges and see what we get done!


erinmalia said...

rhett can't do jumping jacks either! hahaha.

courtney said...

we're still working on our summer bucket list too - but yours is more achievement based and mine is more like "make playdough". ha ha! i like yours better! i think you might have some runners on your hands. my love of running started out with sprints and ended (continues to this day?) with longer distances.

i think we'll try adopting the "merit badge" summer plan next year...