Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Benless Day #2

So today was alright since the kids were buckled down - literally - for about 6 hours of it.  Our drive out here was just fine.  We listened to Broadway's Lion King, an Alvin Ho book, plus the musical Pinkalicious.  Of course we had to listen to the animal song CD since Lucy asked - all throughout the other music DVDs - for the "monkey song."

We met up with Megs at Kiwanis Park.  And besides it being so super hot that the kids didn't play at the park area, it was fun (we stuck to areas under and near trees).  Megan's kids are super cute and she and Greg looked great.  It was a fun visit.

We got here close to 6pm and Erin had a yummy dinner for us just about finished.  Lucky us.  Lucy went down well.  Emmy and Rhett are sleeping in the same room - well, they should be sleeping, but they are still up. . . hopefully they will fall asleep soon.  The boys are down in their rooms.

Speaking of the boys. . . Jonas lost his first tooth!  Uncle Chuck pulled it out for him.  :)  I'll have to post pictures tomorrow or something.  He was pretty excited!  It was cute and fun to have Uncle Chuck do it (though Chuck did apologize to you that he did did it and not you.  But no way the tooth would have hung on until you came here!).

Well Emmy is requesting me and so I better go.  We 3 adults are enjoying popcorn and the olympics.  Cool.

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courtney said...

so glad you are doing a little road trip whilst ben is hiking through the mountains. i think the "monkey song" is something we could totally get on board with!