Monday, July 30, 2012

My Benless Update, Day 1

Not only will I not see Ben for pretty much a solid 6 days (that's happened before), I won't be in any sort of contact with him at all for 5 of those days (that's never happened before).  That's what happens when he's backpacking through the mountains with the Young Men.  So I thought I would give little reports of my days for Ben's sake.  Short, simple, and to the point - hopefully.

How's this for short, simple, and to the point:  An indication of our children's behavior can probably be determined by what happened at FHE.  First of all, Lucy was in bed before it started.  She was ready and I was ready.  Secondly, FHE didn't start with a rousing rendition of the Family Home Evening song.  Instead it started with a good chastisement to each of our kids for their, shall we say, less-than-stellar performances today.  UGH.  Sigh.  Yes, you could say I had a less-than-stellar performance as well when I informed the three kids that if we just did what we wanted, I most certainly wouldn't be sitting there in the living room - I would have been out the door a while ago. . . So not my best moment, but maybe it got them thinking.  Miles did ask me how long I would have stayed out. . . I didn't think "a reeeeeeeeeeeeally long time" would have been a good answer and so I just kept my mouth shut.

The Olympics were fun to watch - but not as nearly fun when there is someone (ahem, you, no not you, Ben) to watch them with.  Swimming was good, I think - I'm pretty sure a girl from the USofA got gold.  Gymnastics was a little crazy.  The men's team finals were on and the USofA team headed in to it in first place.  But, sadly, mistake after mistake by them and they were out.  Then Great Britain came into the forefront with a possibility to medal - which hasn't happened in like 60+ years or something.  Nobody could beat China for the gold, but 2nd and 3rd were up for grabs.  GB thought they had it after Japan (in a tight race with Lithuania?) had a big fumble on the pommel horse.  But. . . the Japanese contested the score. . . and in the end won the rebuttal and claimed 2nd, while GB got the bronze.  It looked a little fishy with the Japanese coach handing over money to the judges for his appeal. . . but I guess it was legit and that's how it's done (if the appeal is granted then you get your money back, if not you lose it).

Good night.  It's much too late.

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courtney said...

i'm not ben, but i still love this update. had a few not-so-great mothering moments myself today. and troy is totally in town so i have no excuse!