Friday, July 27, 2012

Sailing Away. . .

Last weekend we got the kids out on the sail boat.  It was slightly rushed as the storm was coming in, but the three kids all got turns and all loved it.  It was slightly scary for me watching them!  Luckily the time that things (important things) started falling off the boat was when it was just Ben - solo, without any kid.  Ben was sailing away, he couldn't steer (since his rudder had fallen off), and he was heading not where he wanted to go - so he had to jump ship (literally!).  He was expecting to touch bottom but didn't and that was a little bit of an unwelcoming surprise.  But he made it back to shore. 
 Here is Ben with Jonas and Emmy.  Yes, two minis can fit in the boat with Ben.  Awesome.

And Ben and Miles.

And some videos, but warning:  they might make you sea-sick.  I was watching Lucy at the same time and wanted to make sure she didn't wade out too far.  Sorry!  The second one is the worst.


erinmalia said...

haha. i love that you call the girls the minis. do you call the boys the maxis? love it.

courtney said...

fun! except that part when the rudder fell off. i'm sure ben will have it fixed in no time. :)