Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Birthday - Cute and Sweet

 Lucy and the birthday tradition of streamers on your bedroom door.

 I had to show this picture, even though you can't totally see my cute streamers that I sewed to ruffle them up.  I love ruffled streamers now - thanks to MADE.

 Yep, today you did get a sucker at breakfast time - or, rather, after breakfast time.  Yep, you were thrilled about it!

 After breakfast and some sucker-sucking time the older kids were anxious to give their gifts to Lucy.  Emmy gave her one of her fairies.  Jonas had made some "doll" that was created from a hot-glue gun stick, doily, and streamers (for the hair).  It did not look like much of anything (though, of course, it was a very sweet gesture) and so Lucy just kind of ripped it up - what else?  Jonas burst in to tears.  Poor kid.  He just wants Lucy to love him so much.  I then shared a story with him about how my brother Derek had worked for many weeks in his wood-works class and had made me a wooden duck that you pushed on a stick and its legs flapped around (you totally know what I'm talking about, right?).  Apparently I hated it, cried about how much I hated it, etc.  Funny that my mom brought that up, too, when I mentioned the kids giving things to Lucy.  (My mom thinks I was about 3 when that incident occurred.  Glad I wasn't 10!)

Miles worked on the above "doll-house" for Lucy.  Ben cut all the pieces and then Miles was left on his own.  He hammered it all together.  Then he asked Emmy if he could use some of her doll-house things and she agreed.  Cute idea from a sweet boy.  I was impressed with my kids since I had not yet said anything about them giving something to Lucy.

 We went to the park in the morning.  It was a little short since I had bread rising, but we still had a fun time.

 After nap I had promised a "very special birthday snack."  Milk and iced-animal crackers.  Yay!  9 out of 10 pictures I tried to take Lucy smiled like this.  "Smile!" I'd say and she'd cheese it up, squint her eyes, and put her head down.  At least this one she was looking straight up.  Silly birthday girl!

 She and Emmy and a neighbor friend Lily spent a little time in the kiddie pool.  I guess the idea of it was much more exciting than actually doing it?

After dinner it was present-opening time:
 So beautiful.

 So sweet.

 So silly!

 Lip gloss was a big hit.  (Except for when I had to take it away because "enough is enough.")

 Hello!  (Notice the cute flip-flops - "flop-ops" as Lucy would say.  They are little bears.)

 I'm great!  How are you?  It's my birthday.  I'm 2.

 She got a doll that she calls "baby."  She immediately gave her a hug.  So adorable.

 And a stroller for baby!  Lucy loves her baby and stroller.

After some play time it was on to cake and ice-cream:
 Cute picture of cute Lucy and a so-so cake.  :)  This is what the cake should have looked like.  I had actually done 4 layers and it looked utterly ridiculous.  We (Ben and I) realized that we needed to shave off the top so it would have sat flat and looked much sharper and better.  But it did look okay once we removed 2 of the layers - okay enough to be in a picture.  The kids didn't know it was a "flop" and sure made me feel good!  :)  "Wow!" they said.

This little birthday gal didn't care one bit what it looked like.  She just wanted to eat.

A bedtime she insisted that she wear her flop-ops.  Okay, done.  Then after she'd been down for a few minutes I heard her on the baby-monitor saying, "Mom, need   my     baby in       my bed."  (She has pauses when she speaks, thus the extra spaces).  You bet I went up there and got her baby to her.  So cute!

I love having birthdays and the chance to celebrate one of my precious little babes.


Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

What a sweet, cute birthday girl!!! Looks like she really had fun,too! We're sorry we missed all the festivities. The photo of Lucy with the sucker is priceless.

erinmalia said...

So cute! Happy birthday little Lucy! So glad that we got to spend so much time with her this summer.

Niederfam said...

Such a CUTE little birthday girl. I love it. What a FUN day. Cute brother making her a doll house too!

Nicole said...

Wow, 2 already! She is so darling and I loved the kids giving her gifts :)

Emily said...

She is darling!! Happy birthday sweet Lucy!