Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School, 2012

* update includes each boys' favorite part of the school day

Well the boys started school today.  They were excited and happy to go - which makes me excited and happy.  Sure, I'm a little sad not having them and their noises around.  Truly.  But I love school (I wish I was going back to school today, too!) and just love it being a part of our home.  Let me rephrase that - I love elementary school.  There.

Here are our traditional photos:
 Jonas, 1st grade.

 These pictures so don't look like him.  I think he struggled with smiling - he wasn't sure what to do without his bottom 2 teeth.  Silly boy.  But still a 1st-grade cutie.

 Miles, 3rd grade.

 Yep, he got to wear his Japanese shirt (no shorts - to pajama-y).  Funny - yet awesome - kid.

 The 2 boys with slightly weird expressions on their faces.  Possibly it was due to the super crazy face Ben was making behind me?  (I did tell Ben to make them laugh.)

 Miles with Mrs. Reich.  She seems pretty fantastic to me - I have only heard good things about her.  Miles had had the same teacher for the past 2 years and so this is a big change for him this year.  I'm sure he'll like her, too!

Jonas and Mrs. Dodd.  Same thing with her, too - she seems super-duper and I've only heard good things about her.  *BONUS* Jonas' seat was right next to the lovely Bella (his friend from Kindergarten.  Ya know, the one he wants to marry?)

And what did I do all morning with the boys gone?  I deep-cleaned their rooms!  Wahoo!  Not only does it look clean, it is clean (ahem, boys, under/behind beds!?  Come on.)

The girls played and screamed.  I reorganized the children's bookshelf and now it looks awesome.  For a day probably.  Then I had an errand and it was easy-peasy with 2 children.

And now Lucy is napping, dinner is being readied, and Emmy is playing with her best-friend and our neighbor, Lily.  Yay!

I can't wait to hear how it goes for the boys.  I hope they have a fantastic day!

* Updates:
Miles' favorite thing about his first day of school:
     Miles reported that his favorite part was when they got all the school supplies out of their backpacks and went through them.  He was super happy that he got to keep a lot of his eraser-toppers and his silver pencils (they were out of the typical yellow ones!).

Jonas' favorite thing about his first day of school:
     Jonas had two favorites:  lunch.  He found his best-buddy Jake (they are in different classes this year) and they ate lunch together.  His other favorite:  the birthday party.  Wow, on the first day?!  I guess those summer birthdays got to be celebrated today - cupcakes, plus a goodie bag of toys and treat.  Yeah, that's a pretty good day.


erinmalia said...

so fun! i can't wait until this is part of our family too. i love that miles wore his shirt. it looks faintly scrubs-ish.

Nicole said...

Wow, you have a 3rd grader! They looks so cute and excited for school. Glad they have good teachers too! And how nice to run errands with only 2!

Niederfam said...

Yeah!!! Mitt starts TOMORROW, and Major follows a week later.....kindergarten testing in between.....It's bitter sweet for me too......YAY back to a routine, but BOO, miss those boys already! ;)

Your boys are HANDSOME and I'm so glad they had GREAT first days!!!!!