Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emmy's 5th Birthday

Oh what a day.  It was packed full of fun things, that's for sure!

 Good morning 5-year old!

 I just started this new tradition:  the kids make (someday maybe they'll actually buy the candy, too. . .) a candy-gram for their birthday-sibling.  I bought some candy and worked with Miles on it (Jonas, ahem, was supposed to help.  Too bad he had a no good, terrible, horrible night and was unable to have such a privilege. . .).  Translation:  Dear Emmy, You are not an *airhead*.  You do great *tricks* on the bar.  You are great at *rolos.*  We'd fly to the *milky way* just to see you dance.  We love your *many* smiles.  Happy Birthday, Miles, Jonas, and Lucy.

 The birthday breakfast made complete with fancy chair and yummy, special cereal.

 Her first present of the day:  a balance beam made by Ben.  Cute, huh?  The kids all loved it.  I think it's pretty spectacular too - even though I took a nasty fall (so lame!) on it last nite and totally bruised up my shins.  We're thinking a little more padding might be a good thing. . .

 They're adorable.

 Lucy demanded (yes, demanded, she was in that type of mood today) her "ballet clothes" be put on.  Alrighty.  She was super cute on the beam.  She so loved it and kept wanting it to be her turn.

 One of her many fabulous tricks on the beam.

In the late morning Ben took Emmy to the Coffee Trader for a little daddy-daughter time.  (He lucked out and had today off.).  Emmy, whose own bike is totally flat and who opted not to ride Jonas' bike, got to ride in Lucy's seat.
 What a sweet ride!

 Ben and Emmy both chose Hot Chocolate.  Sillies, it's still totally summer.

While they were gone I started to work on Emmy's cake.  Lucy was a little of a handful and luckily Ben and Emmy got back so he could watch the girls while I finished.
 Sooooo it's not my best work.  But the kids all loved it, especially Emmy.  And that's what matters, right!?  (But I sure would have loved it to look a little prettier. . .)

I then took the girls to McDonalds to play and eat.
 My kids get Happy Meals on only 2 occassions:  1.  Their grandparents buy it for them.  2.  It's their birthday (though I don't think any of my other kids have ever gotten one on their birthday. . .)

We came back home and I got Lucy down for a nap.  Then it was off to *surprise* the swimming pool!  Emmy has been begging for a week to go swimming and so this worked out. . . well. . . swimmingly.  It was just me and Emmy.
Here she is ready and happy and striking a pose.  We really had such a good time!  We were pretty much the only people in the pool for most of the time we were there.  It was perfect.  We went down the outdoor waterslide about 2 dozen times.  No joke.  We went for a straight 35 minutes once - up and down (as soon as we splashed in the water:  "Can we go again!?").  It was definitely a highlight of her birthday.

We came home, the boys came back from school, we had snack, then it was time to open presents:
 This is how Lucy was for most of it.  It was pretty difficult not be allowed to open any of Emmy's gifts.

 She's so cute.  Here she is modeling the snazzy socks and flip-flops all the way from Japan.

 Another cute picture.  Jonas is totally in her face because she just opened her very first Lego set.  She always sees the pink lego box at Target and wants it (most likely because it's pink and girly).  But she hardly ever plays with Legos.  So I thought we'd start smaller.  Hopefully tomorrow she and I can work on it together.

 Ben giving Emmy some basic driving lessons.  (She got a cute remote-control Lalaloopsy car.)

 Lucy wanted to model Emmy's soccer socks.

After opening presents all the boys headed out for gymnastics class.  Emmy played while Lucy whined and "helped" me with dinner.  Emmy requested "spaghetti and meatballs."  But she had told me at least a dozen times (just counting today!) not to put meatballs in her noodles.  The meatballs were for everyone else.  Pretty sweet and thoughtful.  She scarfed down 3 bowls and meatless spaghetti and meatballs.  :)

After dinner the kids watched an Angelina Ballerina show I checked out from the library.  That was fun.  Then it was time for cake and ice-cream (or in Jonas' and Emmy's case:  cake and cone.  They opted to have a cone instead of ice-cream.  I limited them to 2 items out of 3:  cake, ice cream, frosted cones).
She did great in blowing out all her 5 candles.

Happy Birthday 5-year old!  Love you!

P.S.  Emmy's outfit count for the day:  4.  Not a record-breaker or anything.  But just in case you were wondering. . .


erinmalia said...

holy moly--what a day! we totally meant to call, but am so sorry we didn't. blah on us. but it looks like maybe you wouldn't have had time for it! what a really amazing birthday.

Emily said...

I don't think I ever realized how close Emmy and Lucy's birthday's are! Your house is party central :) She is so big and darling! I LOVE the balance beam that Ben made for her and your cake is amazing! What a fun day for her!

i {heart} hawkes said...

great post and gifts for emmy! glad to know my girls are not the only ones who insist on ballet clothing in addition to the multiple changes of outfits per day. it can drive you crazy if you let it.

courtney said...

where do i even start? the birthday girl? the balance beam? the cake? looks like a pretty amazing #5. happy (belated) birthday!