Sunday, August 12, 2012

Macks Inn, Sunday and Monday

We went to sacrament meeting on Sunday in Midway and then drove to Macks Inn, Idaho - where my grandfather (who has passed on) has a cabin.  We haven't been in 6 years and so it was great to be back.  They (my grandfather's 4 sons, including my dad) had done a lot of "renovations" and such and so it was really nice to be there.  The drive went well - even with six kids (we took Rhett in our car).

 Lucy and Ben bonding on the swing outside.  Oh man I think they are so cute.

 Jonas and Emmy getting some swing-time in on the back porch.

 We took a short walk from the cabin down to the river.  They all had fun wading in the water and (ahem, Miles) playing with the mud/dirt/sand.

 No trip to Macks Inn would be complete without going to Big Springs.  It's a beautiful spot with enormous fish (though not as many as there once were).  There was an adorable muskrat there, too, that everyone loved.

 That Monday afternoon, after we put Lucy down for a nap, we took the older kids and went on a float down the river.  It's amazingly beautiful and we did have a really good time.  Well, Emmy enjoyed it at first, but then it was her turn to get sick (Miles had had some bad congestion; Jonas had about 2 days of feeling sick, including a fever; Rhett had woken up that morning not feeling good and running a fever; luckily the illness wasn't too bad and wasn't too long).  Luckily, we were able to dock our boat at that spot on the river by the cabin and Ben was able to run Emmy up to the cabin so she could nap/rest, and the rest of us continued on our journey.

Jonas loved, loved, loved rowing.  He probably rowed for at least 3/4 of the time.  We did have 3 oars and that was a good thing.  :)  Cute boy.

A good day and good start to our vacation.

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