Sunday, August 12, 2012

Macks Inn, Wednesday

We started early in the day working on our "Yellowstone Junior Ranger" packets.  Each of our kids, minus Lucy, had gotten one the day before.  There were a bunch of questions and activity pages that had to be done in order to earn a "Junior Ranger" patch.  I worked with Jonas inside the cabin and Miles and Ben worked in the cool tree-house.  Fun!

We had planned to stay closer to the cabin on Wednesday - so the kids wouldn't have to suffer long car-rides.  We had planned to do the Coffee Pot hike - which was super close (under 5 minutes) from the cabin.  Of course, from the previous day's experience, our kids weren't super excited about doing another hike.  But this one was going to be cool, I told them.  And it totally was.  But it also took a little longer than expected (hmmm, I'm noticing a pattern. . .) and, because I didn't think we'd be out for so long, we didn't bring any food with us.  So it was another really late lunch day.  But it was still a beautiful hike and worth it. . . to me, at least.  :)

 Lucy really wanted to hike by herself.  So she did get some down-time.  But she did greatly slow us down.  But she was just too cute that we couldn't stop her. . . yet.

 One of the coolest parts of the hike was finding a toad!  Miles spotted it and caught it.  Emmy was brave and held it (Jonas was being weird and wouldn't hold it - he wanted to, but just couldn't make his body actually do it!).

 Miles loved it and, of course, wanted to take it home for a pet.  And, as Uncle Chuck had predicted, it did pee on Miles as soon as he caught it.  Awesome.

 I told him to kiss it - he does love kissing fish, so I thought he should kiss this toad, too.  I love Jonas' face in this picture!  The toad didn't turn in to a princess, though.

 This was the cool end spot of the hike.  There were some "rapids" and just a fun spot to wade in a bit.

 There we are, with a fly-fisher behind us.  It's so pretty up there.

We got back and then Erin, Chuck, and Rhett headed out to float the river.  Ollie napped at the cabin and we tried to put Lucy down - but she had fallen asleep on the hike and so she wasn't going to nap again.  So Ben took all our kids down to the river again and they had a blast.  They caught a frog there and Jonas just played and played with it!  That was really exciting for him, and the rest, too.  I hung out with Ollie once he awoke and that was fun.  He's a cutie.  That nite Ben and I decided to go to West Yellowstone and do "something."  We're pretty great like that.  We walked around a bunch, went in some stores trying to find some little things to get the kids (we never found anything worthy of our money. . .except some fun pieces of candy), and went to get dessert.  We went to one place that Ben wanted to try - but the wait was pretty long.  So we tried another spot - and, though it didn't have quite what Ben wanted, it was definitely more quiet and quaint.  Ben got an apple pie ala mode and we both got huckleberry lemonade.  Delicious.  It was a fun evening.
Before we left we had gotten Emmy and Lucy to bed.  We let the boys watch a movie - since Erin and Chuck were going to watch a movie, too, we set up Ben's laptop and made a cozy spot for them to watch their show.  They had fun!

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