Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My Benless Day #3

Overall, a good day.  But, like most of my days, filled with some unpleasant moments as well.  We spent the morning hanging around here mostly.  We did get out and go to the little park here.  Emmy was quite horrendous on the way home - she had insisted on riding a bike that's too big for her.  Well the way back was uphill at first and she just couldn't do it.  But instead of asking me to help she just throws an incredible fit.  It was ugly.  So I kept walking with Lucy - quite ahead of her.  She was screaming SO LOUD is was incredible - in a very bad way.  That girl.

After lunch I took the 4 older kids (Miles, Jonas, Emmy, and Rhett) down to Provo's "Beach Resort" thing.  The indoor play-area was waaaay smaller than I was expecting - and Miles, too, really.  I think he was kind of bummed, but he still had a great time.  I can't tell you how many bathroom and water-fountain trips I had to take - I lost count after 10.  And I won't go in to much detail, but I will say that more than one of our kids had some bathroom issues going on.  Seriously!?

But you'll be so proud of me - I got a "Kids Classical Music" CD at the library.  It has 4 CDs:  we listened to Beethoven today.  It's really cool - there are stories with music in the background at times and then music in the forefront at times as well.  The kids really liked it, I think.  When we got back in to the car later that evening, Jonas requested that we listen to it again.  Super awesome - I can't wait to listen to them with you and the kids!

We went to the fair's BBQ dinner tonite.  It was good, but none of the kids really enjoyed it - except for their lemonade and Sprites.  And roll.  We'll go back tomorrow and do some carnival rides - to celebrate Ollie's first birthday!  :)

Jonas got the coveted sleeping spot tonite - with Rhett.  Rhett really wanted Emmy, but was kind enough to let Jonas.  Jonas read a few books to Rhett and so hopefully they had a good time.

Lucy did well with me leaving her at home (when I took the other kids to Provo) - pretty well.  A few tears, but not many.


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