Thursday, August 02, 2012

My Benless Day #4

Well if I thought Emmy's tantrum yesterday was incredible (in a bad way), it paled in comparison to what she did today.  Oh that girl.  We decided to go swimming this morning - Chuck was going with just Rhett and I had the 4 kids.  We got there and the kids were super excited.  We had 2 life jackets and that made me think, "Totally, I can take 4 kids swimming - none of who can really swim."  It was quite pleasant for the first part of it.  The water, oh the water.  So warm.  I mean, not like a hot tub, but compared to our community pool it seemed so.  So that was a lovely surprise.

But after Emmy had to give up her life jacket for the 2nd time (ever heard of something called sharing or taking turns???), she pretty much went ballistic.  I think that might be an understatement.  Her screams were ear-piercing literally.  She just wailed and wailed and wailed and screamed and screamed and screamed.  In fact she made herself physically sick and was hunched over, stomach clinched in pain she said.  I told her it was due to her screams and all that air she was sucking in.  I really wasn't sure and thought she might actually be sick.  But, no, at the end of the day I'm pretty convinced it was just due to her tantrum.

You want to know how bad it was?  Erin heard her while she was home working - she was inside, but windows open.  Crazy, eh?  Crazy bad!  Do you feel bad for me?  I kind of did.

What else?  The kids watched some shows in the afternoon and then we went to the fair to go to the carnival rides (oh we did celebrate Ollie's b-day with the cutest cupcakes and the cutest kids).  The kids got to choose 2 rides each.  Miles has talked about the "graviton" ever since he saw it yesterday.  I think we've talked about it to him before?  He so wanted to do it and so he did.  When he was in and the ride started, I started feeling really bad/sad - what if he's scared, hating it, etc.?!  I was a bit nervous.  But he came out ALL smiles.  It was awesome.  He totally loved it.  The other kids had fun too - well, except Lucy who didn't get to do anything but walk around and throw a fit at the end.  My life.

Anyways, can't wait to actually talk to you in ONE day and SEE you in two!

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Rachelle said...

Oh, that first picture makes me wish I'd been at Kiwanis park, too. Seeing you and Megan just makes me smile - I love you two - and look at all those cute children now! Enjoy the vacation - so cool you get some time with Erin and the cousins are together!