Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Mini-Olympics, 2012

(*updated with a few pics I stole from my sis)
 Erin and I started off our Saturday with a Midway 10K race - how lucky to find one right in Midway?!  It was the loveliest run - I truly loved it.  It was fun to run with my sis, it was beautiful, Memorial Hill was fun to run up and then down, plus we had the best cheering fans ever.  We ran right by a road super close to my parents' home.  So the whole gang came to cheer us on - it was pretty awesome and I'm pretty sure the best of all cheering sections.  It was so cute to see them run and shout, "Go, Mom!"  and "We'll see you at the finish line!"

 They hung out (ha) at the finish line waiting for us.

 And there we were!  Yay!  It was a fun finish and fun to have everyone there.

 This is how Lucy got to ride for the last 1/2 mile of the trip home.  Yep, she felt larger than life.

Then on to Olympics, 2012!  My sister had the idea to do one and so we ran with it (ha, again).  We planned the activities on Friday nite, my sister made up some of the treats, we gathered my parents' croquet set to use for practically every event, I made some flags, and that was that.  I wondered how it would really turn out?  Would the kids like it?  Do it?  Have fun?  Only time would tell. . .

 It didn't start so well.  To get this picture a lot of tears were involved over who got to hold the flag.  Yes, really.  I finally came up with this solution.  Oh brother.  But the picture is pretty great.  (My sister made the stencils for all the shirts.  I painted them on.  The backs all have an Olympic event picture.  So cool.)

 The "Opening Ceremonies."  Each kid got a flag with their name on it, plus all the events on the back to record their time, distances, etc.  Each kid also got a "torch" - i.e., ice cream cone filled with yellow-dyed rice krispie treat.  They were great.  I don't know why, but Lucy was quite upset at this point.

 But she quickly got over it as soon as she got to sit down and eat her torch.  Yum.

Now on to events:

So this race was suppose to be to hold a straw between your nose and upper lip (making a silly, pucker-face), but it proved too difficult for the kids.  So we changed it to holding the straw under chin.
 There goes Miles!

 We had the measuring tape all out and ready to measure how far they threw their javelins.  Go Jonas!

 This was a fun one!  Emmy is so great - she just loved it all and went fast and did her best.  She's our little mini-athlete for sure.

 Lucy adapted the balloon race to her own skill-level.  Looks like she had a blast!

 I think this was everyone's favorite.  The kids all did it again (and again!) when we had gone through everyone.


 Go, go, go!

 Yep, Lucy did this one, too.  I think she did 2 hurdles and then ran to Ben - who was at the sidelines taking all the photos.  She only did a few of the events.  I'm not sure exactly why.  She was just in a mood or something.

 Yay Jonas!  We even had an official timer that flashed everyone's time big and bright.  I loved it.

 How cute is this little sprinter?

 Miles and friend Isaac tied on the sprint.  This was the tie-breaker.  Go, boys, go!

They threw little croquet balls and we measured the distance.  Cool.  (I don't know why we didn't get any good face-shots of Jonas!?  He's such a cutie.)

This was an easy and fun one.  Score for Miles!

We had 2 teams with 3 running legs.  I think Jonas ran it twice for his team (he and Emmy).  And guess what team won?  They tied!  No joke.  It was totally perfect and we didn't even have to lie about it being a tie.  "Yay!  Everyone won gold!"  Which lead us to the gold medal ceremony:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  Cute kids with the awesome medals - golden oreos with fruit-by-the-foot.  Erin found the idea on pinterest and Chuck made them all up Friday night.  These were huge hits - and tasty, too.

The kids really did super great.  They were excited, had fun, and stayed interested.  A totally fun time.

Goooooooooo Team!

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