Monday, August 27, 2012

To My Dearest Emmy

Happy 5th birthday!  What a year it has been.  You are just growing with each new day and becoming a lovely, lovely little gal (with some unpleasantries, of course, too).  I think your beauty increases on a daily basis.  I often just stare at you and think, "You are so beautiful."  Your face, your petite body, your short hair that has only needed one haircut in your entire life, the way you move, the way you dance.  It's all beautiful.

When I think of you I think of a spirited young girl!  Indeed you are.  Spirited in sweetness - as well as spirited in angst.  You are such a lively, active little girl.  You are the first of our children to actually have some hussle in you!  I love it.  We went running on the track a few times this year and you were a super-trooper of a runner.  You beat Jonas twice (in running/walking a mile) and the last time Jonas was encouraged to keep up with you, so you did it together.  I can't wait until you are old enough to do Girls on the Run.  We'll have so much fun together!  One spring evening we went out as a family for a soccer practice.  Jonas' practice had been canceled so Ben wanted to go and do some practicing with Jonas.  You pretty much were the only one practicing with Ben.  You ran, kicked, tried to get the ball away, etc.  You were awesome.  And, you get to play soccer this fall - yay!  I can't wait to watch you.  I have a feeling it might be a bit more thrilling than watching your brothers.  :) 

You are doing gymnastics again this year.  You are a delight to watch.  You love it.  You are happy doing it.  You try hard.  You giggle tons at your coach.  And, you're good.  You're a great little cruiser on your 2-wheeled bike.  You love riding around and going on bike rides, just like your brothers.  You are brave.

Your spirited natures also manifests itself in your screams.  Wowzers.  Your little body producing such a volume is almost astounding.  It's almost as if you have gotten a degree in Tantruming.  Yes, you are that good.  I will say you don't do it super often (thank goodness), but more than you probably should.  Sometimes (when I'm in a good mood), it's amusing.  Other times?  NOT AT ALL.

You still like all things girly, yet you are not afraid to get your [painted] fingernails dirty.  In fact, you and dirt are really good friends.  You're just a wonderful mix of girl and dirt, I think.  You love pink, sweets, dress-up, dancing, "girl books," ("Did you get me girl-books?" is a question you ask everytime we go to the library), lip gloss, painting your nails, playing princess, playing school, and shoes.  You'll also dig in the dirt, hold worms or toads, draw chalk all over your face, and hike a mountain.  Oh, which reminds me, you were such a spirited little hiker this summer, too!  You rocked it for a 4-year old.  Your dad and I were super-impressed with you.  Go Emmy.

I think you are even a better big-sister than you were last year.  You are so good to Lucy.  Yes, you have your moments with Lucy (well all do!), but I think you have a lot of patience and kindness when it comes to Lucy.  Oh she still adores you so much.  So much.  She's in to everything you are in to.  Tutus and mud and the like.  When you wear your dance clothes, she demands to as well.  So you'll find something for her and even help her put it on - all while I'm doing the morning dishes.  It's so great.  You and Lucy put on many dance performances on the fireplace for me.  You look adorably beautiful as you dance in your frilly dance-outfits.  You get really serious during your "performances."  Too cute.

You have been counting down the days to your birthday since "12 more days until my birthday!"  I hope your birthday is a delight for you!  For you delight me.

I love you Emmy girl.