Saturday, August 04, 2012

Vacation in Pictures

I didn't do a Benless day #5 update yesterday because I got to actually talk to Ben - wahoo!  He survived his adventure backpacking trip (including 2 very dramatic hail-storms and a few lightning storms that came too close for comfort).  I survived 5 days (now 6) of not having Ben around.  We are excited to be together again tonite.  Yippeee.

I wrote a little bit about what happened each day.  But my pictures will be falsely positive - I didn't take any pictures of the multitudes of attitudes and tantrums I had to deal with each and every day. . . :)  I'm just doing all my pics here b/c I said so.

 Here I am with one of my best college-roommies, Megan.

 Our kids - Jonas, Jack, Ellie, Miles, Christian, and Lucy.  Where's Emmy?  Throwing a fit in the car.

 Uncle Chuck pulling out Jonas' tooth.  Oh the terror on Jonas' face!

 And it's out!

 Happy now!

 The tooth - his first lost tooth.

 Pure joy and pure cuteness.

 A cool rainbow - there were actually 2 of them.  So beautiful.

 Rhett at the indoor play-place at the Provo Beach Resort.


 Hanging Jo.

 For Ollie's (my nephew) first birthday my sis made the coolest looking cupcakes.  These are the cupcake wrappers - so neat, huh!?  They were awesome.

 Of course Miles wanted to keep his wrapper.  But no.

 Lucy made sure that no crumb was left uneaten from her cupcake.

 The adorably cute birthday boy.  He did well, too, though maybe not as great as Lucy. . . We'll give him another year of practice.  :)

 The cute kids checking out the carnival rides.

 Sweet Lucy.  Too bad she didn't go on any rides.
The first ride that Rhett, Emmy and Jonas went on.

 Miles entering the Graviton.  Oh he still talks about it and just loved it!

 The 3 kids also went on this - the Tornado.  Emmy was quite scared for the first 2/3 of it, as demonstrated by her facial expressions and luckily not by screaming.  She relaxed for the last part of it.  The boys thought it was really fun and cool.  Jonas said you had to "hold on for dear life."  Awesome.  Good thing I told the ride-guy right after he started the ride that they weren't buckled in yet!

 Emmy and Rhett have been having fun playing together, for the most part.  :)  Really, though, there have been very little squabbles between these two.  They even enjoy playing air-hockey together!  Cuties.

 On Friday, my sis's b-day, we did a hike to Lake Mary.  It was a pretty great hike to a lake and a lot of fun was spent up there eating lunch, throwing rocks and sticks, etc.  Oh, and being King of the Rock.

 Aren't they just too cute?

 They were told by someone (Uncle Chuck?  Our friend Andy?) to put their fingers up their noses.  Oh why don't they listen this well when asked to clean their rooms?

Cute Lucy, as always.

Then my camera's batteries died.

Today is Japan Day at our house.  100% sponsored by my parents.  Filled with adorable kids in the cutest of cute Japanese outfits.  Lots of toys and candy (some yucky, some yummy, all weird).  It's been fun.  Pictures later.

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