Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yellowstone, Day 1, Tuesday

We had decided to go in to Yellowstone Park on Tuesday.  We planned to do a little hike (so we could be out of the car for a bit), a few stops, and then Old Faithful.

The hike.  It was pretty much "the worst hike" our family has done together.  I don't know what everyone's problems were, but it was pretty much a combination of a whole bunch of factors that equaled an ugly adventure.  Some factors included:  kids who didn't want to hike (ahem, okay, maybe that was a big red flag), a feverish Emmy, a totally hot and exposed trail, trail being at least 1-mile longer than expected, hike taking way longer than expected, etc.  But we all survived. . . barely.

 It started out promising:  we got a view of our first hot-spot in Yellowstone, smell and all.  It was pretty cool and fascinating for the kids.  We were all (almost all?) happy at this point.

 Lucy was a tropper and did good riding with her handsome dad.

 Yep, Emmy not looking too hot.  Poor gal.  I did feel bad for her.  But, yes, I did lose patience with her towards the very end because I had had enough frankly.  I do have a breaking point - sometimes it's long, other times, not so much so.

 Lucy fell asleep in a very unnatural position.  But she never complained.  :)

Jonas cooled his feet off on our way back.  He's almost cracking a smile now because he knows we are almost back to the car.

After the hike, and a super-late lunch eaten in our car, we drove to Old Faithful.

First things first. . .
 watching Old Faithful?  No way, getting ice cream!  We met up with my sister and her family (see Rhett in background) and grabbed some ice cream at the Old Faithful lodge.

 Yes, these faces are a little happier than those found on the hiking trail. . .

 Finally  we went to watch Old Faithful and finally it erupted.  I think it was almost 20 minutes later than "expected time."  But cool nonetheless.

 Here we are watching it - this was Rhett's second time that day, so perhaps he was less interested in Old Faithful and more interested in looking super cute in a picture?!

Miles.  That kid.  Yes, this is how he always looks after eating an ice cream cone.  Yes, messier than Lucy.  No, I don't know why.

It was already getting late (remember, longer than expected hike?) and so we decided to do just one stop on our way out.  We went to the fountain paint pots and Erin and fam joined us again - though, again, they had already done it.

 I love the cool mud pots - they are probably my most favorite feature of Yellowstone!  Here we are checking some out.  The kids really loved them, too.

 The boardwalk.

We really lucked out and a couple of geysers on the trail erupted while we were there - neither had erupted when Erin had been there earlier, so we were pretty lucky!  This geyser was cool as it shot out of a rock.  The kids were really excited about them!  We walked on further and got very sprayed from another geyser.  Some like it. . . others not so much.

Thank goodness for the fountain paint pots!  They helped end our Yellowstone adventure on a high note.

We then went to dinner at our family-traditional spot in West Yellowstone, The Gusher.  It was yummy and not too difficult considering we had 6 kids, 8 years of age and under.

Luckily, the horrible and very bad beginning of a day had a much better ending.

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