Wednesday, September 05, 2012

As Always

As always, we had a good trip to Littleton over the Labor Day weekend.

I pretty much ended up with pictures of just one event:  the Family Fun Night at the children's botanical garden.  It was an enjoyable evening and we were lucky to have Grandpa Max and Grandma Diana join us, too.

 Making a noodle necklace.

 Sporting a noodle necklace.  Beautiful.

 Checking out the pond.

 "Cooking" with rocks.

 Standing on a really big (and fake) log.

 The "spring" was a huge hit for all the kids!

 Busy like beavers. . .

 And that's what they were:  beavers building a dam.  Miles was definitely in charge of this - he even recruited other kids to help.  Awesome.

 He's so handsome. . . when he smiles.

 Miles had to have his picture taken here.

 Lucy charging through the tunnel (her clothes were soaking wet from the "spring").


The pictures I didn't take because I am lame:
*  The kids with their grandparents - as well as with Great-Grandma Dee.
*  When the 3 oldest kids and we parents went to Chatfield Reservoir and had a grand time frolicking in the water (ok, I didn't frolic; i was suffering from a major headahe. . .) and finding tiny shells (Miles collected more than 200)
*  Ben and I going out for frozen yogurt both Friday and Saturday nights
*  Blasting off these most amazing of amazing homemade rockets - http://www.craftinterrupted.com/2012/08/fun-jar-friday-17-bottle-rocket-shooter.html
(How amazing might you ask?  Ben could blast a rocket a couple hundred feet in to the air.  Miles probably got it up to 50+ feet.  It was so cool.)
*  etc., etc.

As always, good times with good people.


erinmalia said...

yay for two nights of frozen yogurt! of course littleton too. :)

courtney said...

ah, littleton. (insert dreamy sigh) i think miles and sam would be good friends - sam built a "beaver dam" out front not two weeks ago! the botanical garden looks so cool!