Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emmy's day

When you start out a day with this wonderful ensemble, how can it be anything but fun and exciting?!

We've had our co-op preschool here this week and so that made the morning fun.  I invited the girls to stay for an extra hour today so they could just play, since that is pretty much their favorite part of "preschool."  
 We painted some egg-cartons and made them in to cute bracelets and flower pictures.

 Working hard on tracing lines. . .

 Too studiously cute.  :)

 Emmy's trusty and always-there side-kick - Lucy!

After the girls left, we had lunch and got Lucy down for her nap.  Emmy helped me with dinner (homemade granola) and snack (apples with pumpkin dip).  Then we got on starfall.com and Emmy practiced some reading.

We eventually picked the boys up from school and had snack.  Then Lucy and Emmy played out back until it was time for our early dinner and then. . . Emmy's first soccer game:

 Warming-up, following Coach Ben around the field.

 Emmy on the sidelines.  Why, yes, I put streamers in her hair.  Come on, I have a girl playing soccer and I just couldn't resist. . . :)

 The typical foot-on-the-ball pose.

Thar she goes. . .

Kicking time, go Emmy!

 The best part?  Post-game drink!

I think Emmy had fun.  She's always a little tired towards the end of the day - yawning and all that good stuff.  And I don't she totally understands the game - of course, it's her first year and first game.  But she's always excited about practice and her games; let's hope it continues.


erinmalia said...

so freakin cute. i totally support the streamers.

Montrose Lewises said...

Goodness she is cute in soccer!