Friday, September 07, 2012

Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow

They got a lot of great comments at school from the principal, teachers, and students/friends.  A lot of sarcastic "Whoops, you are in the wrong class," or "Who are you," or "Where is Jonas?" or "Let's welcome the new kid in class."  When Ben picked up the boys from school, Miles teacher told Ben that she literally had to do a few double takes to figure out who that boy was.

I'm going to spare the long details of why they cut their hair - it's nothing much than wanting it, really.  And as much as I love their long hair, it really looks best after they wash it.  Which we don't do super often and never do before school.  So it always looks like a rat's nest, etc.  So until the boys start to want to look good with good hair, maybe short is the way to go. . .?

And a random, unrelated video that should be titled, "Here's what happens when Mom goes to book-club:"


erinmalia said...

when we asked rhett if he desires hair like that, he said no. haha. but it looks good on your boys!

you should go to book club more often. :)

courtney said...

i'm a fan of the buzzed heads. :)

Montrose Lewises said...

The gaggle of trash can giggles is pretty fantastic :D