Friday, September 14, 2012

Harry Potter

Miles just finished his first Harry Potter book!  Yay!  He brought home book number 3 last week and I told him nope of course.  He had to start with the first one.  So he got it from his teacher's library and finished it off this morning (thanks to a stomach-ache that had him up early and home from school. . .).

Now he'll get to watch the movie with Ben and I.  I'm totally excited!


Nicole said...

Wow! That is quite the accomplishment! Hooray for another HP reader!!

Emily said...

I can't believe he is big enough to read Harry Potter- that must be so much fun to talk about it with him!

Niederfam said...

That's awesome, Mitt and I have been reading "Hatchet" I totally remembered LOVING it, but it had been a while, and as we started it's all about his parents divorce and an implied affair, GREAT........Seriously. But I think it's still a BIT over his head, so I'm not focusing those topics for our conversations. LOVE Harry Potter, so glad Miles does too!!!!!

Oh and to answer your question the "fancy" duct tape is used for anything: covering/wrapping pens, making wallets, making bookmarks, wrapping water bottles, making flowers for GIRLS of course.........ANYTHING they can think of CraZy kids.

erinmalia said...

so big! man, i can't wait until we're at that stage and done with berenstain bears. :)

courtney said...

he looks SO grown up! stomach aches are always helpful when you are trying to finish a book. (i'm not calling him out, promise!) also, LOVE the chair he is sitting on. super cool.