Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Last Summer Hoorah

Since we only went camping once this summer, I wanted to go one last time.  So we went Friday night and had a pretty good time.  The kids had a great time, I know, so that always makes the sleepless night worth it. . .

First things first when we got to our campsite!  This was Lucy's newest and favorite outdoor activity.  Peeing in the woods.  Yes, she actually did it once.

I can do this just because she's 2 and cute.  :)

Miles rock hopping at the stream by our campsite.

Lucy helping Ben set up our tent.

By the time we got there, ran around a bit, and set up the camp, it was time to start cooking dinner.  After that Ben found/made some roasting sticks for s'mores.  See Lucy?  Yep, she's going after those marshmallows.

Roasting marshmallows finally!

Cute & Yummy.

I think this is Lucy's first s'more.  She's usually in bed when we do this. . .

The fire is such a blast for the kids - the boys in particular.  They loved finding dead pine branches and sticking them in the fire-pit - the flames were quite huge and impressive!

Glow-sticks were a big hit, too.  One great thing about camping this close to fall is that it is darker much, much earlier.  The glow-sticks were fun outside and inside the tent.  In fact, they made perfect night-lights in the tent.  Cool!

Ready for bed!  It was much easier to just keep Lucy up until we all were ready for bed.  And going to bed went quite smoothly, really.  But sleeping through the night was another thing. . . We had gotten in to bed at 9.  At 10 Lucy woke up crying.  Ben held her for a few minutes and then she went back down.  At 11 Miles woke up and barfed (he was kept home from school that day for a stomach-ache.  By mid-afternoon he was much, much better and very much wanted to go camping still.  So we did.  And for the most part he was totally fine, with only a decreased appetite.  But right at bedtime he did complain of his stomach hurting again. . . Luckily when he barfed it landed all on his sleeping pad and so we just took that out and Ben dealt with it in the morning.  And Miles felt much better after that and slept great!)  Lucy had a few more times when she cried out.  I held her once and she kept telling me she wanted her PJs off and her clothes on.  What, 3 layers of PJs wasn't comfy???  There was a 2:30 pee-break for Emmy.  Jonas, however, slept like a log.  And really the other kids did great, too - even with Lucy's little outbursts, they just slept right on through.  Waking up every hour is pretty much what I expected anyways. . .

The morning!  It was cold.  About 30 degrees or so.  We had oatmeal and hot chocolate or cider.  Then the boys were back to playing with their "fire-sticks."  They had a super great time.


The girls cried for like 30 minutes.  Then we stuck them in the heated car and they calmed down.  :)

We did some archery, too.  Whoa, I look ready to kill.

But I did it - I hit our target!  Awesome.

The girls went "hiking" around our campsite.  Cuties.

It was a really good time.  Crisp and cool and the trees were amazing and fall-ish.  Our campsite was big with room for exploring, and beautiful, too.

On the way back we did a small hike.  I say small because it was; the kids, however, made it seem very looooooong.  They were huge complainers.  It made me miss hiking and the good ol' days when I got to do it with people that actually made it fun and enjoyable. . . sigh.  I need to do more solo-hiking apparently.

Anyways, a good little weekend.  Good-bye summer and hello fall (on Saturday - yipee!).


Emily said...

Looks like a great weekend! I'm always so impressed with families that camp- I just don't think I have it in me! Glad that you all had a great time.

Niederfam said...

So fun, I wish we were equipped to take our family camping....we have a SMALL 3 man (barely) tent, we need to step it up. LOVE the pics.....GOOD end to summer.

erinmalia said...

yay yay! i like to think that we were camping together, since we were doing it at the same time. ha.

Nicole said...

Fun! loved the peeing in the woods! he he. and the glow sticks were a great idea!

courtney said...

yay fall! and really, you look like you have some serious archery skillz. wow!

ps - heard don williams on the radio today. always reminds me of ben! tell him thanks for introducing me. love don! :)