Monday, September 10, 2012

Soccer Stars

 The Coach and his daughter.

The head-tilt?  It's totally genetic.  She gets it from her Aunt-E.

Emmy's team, which has been named Grass Stains, was coachless.  So. . . Ben is now the coach.  Go Ben!  He's excited and so is Emmy.  They had their first practice tonite and it sounds like how a practice with a bunch of 5-year olds would go.  :)  But they are still both excited about it and so that is a very good thing.

Go Grass Stains!


erinmalia said...

she totally has the head tilt DOWN. way to go emmy! glad i have a niece to whom i can pass it on. and go grass stains!

Niederfam said...

Love the head tilt, girls will be girls!!!! SO cute. ;)

courtney said...

grass stains - ha ha! love it. go emmy!