Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a Video and a Joke

I don't know why the girls started singing this, but they did.  On their own.  When I started recording them I didn't want them to see the camera - so as not to inhibit their song (thus the few seconds of me recording our wall).  The video picture ends up fuzzy, but at least it captured their song!

Jonas brought home a book full of school jokes.  Like all jokes - some are funny, some not at all.  Anyways, as I was reading a Fancy Nancy book there was a joke on the side of the page and so I thought Jonas would appreciate it.

I read, "What do you call a 100-year old ant?"

Jonas replied. "A dead ant."

True, oh so true.

(the real answer:  "an antique")


Emily said...

What a cute video of your girls!! I can't say I recognize the song....am I supposed to? Still, such a cute thing to have caught on tape! Love their little voices!

erinmalia said...

haha. i love ollie too! i'm not so sure ollie got it, but everyone else did.