Friday, October 19, 2012

F is for Friendship Fruit Pizza

This week was my turn hosting preschool.  I was doing it on friendship (the letter "F").  On Thursday we made Friendship Fruit Pizza.
 Each girl rolled out their cookie dough/pizza crust.  Then I baked them.  While they were baking each girl had a fruit and chopped them up - bananas, strawberries, grapes, and kiwis.
 After the cookies cooled a bit, the girls frosted it with a sweetened cream-cheese mix and then they topped it how they wanted.  Then they had to wait until everyone was finished so I could get a picture of the cuties with their yummies.
Lucy is ever-present at our preschool, of course.  I didn't make her wait. . . 

P.S.  The adorable aprons were made my another mom.  I love them!


erinmalia said...

this sounds like an awesome FHE. and those girls are all adorable.

Nicole said...

oh my, so so adorable. i love the aprons and how proud they are of their pizzas!!

Niederfam said...

I want to join!!! AND i want an apron too!!!! SO CUTE.

courtney said...

i love these pictures!