Sunday, October 07, 2012

Our Weekend and an Update

Conference weekend was nice.  Friday night I went to my book-club and, as always, completely enjoyed it. We missed the Saturday morning session of conference as Emmy had a soccer game.  While their team is definitely improving, they have yet to score a goal - well, a goal in their opponent's net (I think at least a couple have been scored in their own net. . . ).  There were some moments when I thought for sure they would score, but alas.  Their team, the Grass Stains, are super cute, though.  Just a bunch of somewhat timid and sweet kids.  No need to mention the game's score. . .

I went to church in the afternoon and watched that session.  It was nice.  I got home, we went on a family bike ride, ate dinner, and then Ben headed out to Priesthood session.  Jonas helped me make some cookies while Miles was working on his homework (he'd also been temporarily banned from my presence. . .).  When Ben got home the boys had cookies and milk and Ben shared what the men had spoken on during the priesthood session.  Ben and I have done that since we've been married, but this was the first time the boys had been "invited."  It was great and the boys had good thoughts and questions.

Sunday morning we had our "Swedish baked pancakes."  YUM.  This is our 4th year of making them for conference Sunday.  (Think thick crepes.)  Then we all went to church and watched the morning session.  While Ben and I don't get the fullest out of it since we were trying to deal with our kids, it's still super nice to go to church.  During the afternoon session we watched it at home.  Lucy napped for 1/2 of it and the older 3 kids got to play "conference bingo."  Something they always look forward to and love.  It was a good weekend.

So I'll try and do a little update on the fam (but they always tend to turn out not so "little". . .)

Ben:  He is working on an advanced certification in surgical nursing, called a First Assistant.  When he completes the course/training, he'll be able to do more hands-on assisting with surgeries (like suturing up patients, etc.).  He is still the Young Men's president, but we do have some boundary changes happening at the end of the month and so we'll see what happens.  He likes coaching Emmy's team and thinks he'll do it again.

Me:  I am enjoying my runs with Lucy.  Plus, I got a second-hand bike trailer and I love riding the girls in it.  They love it, too.  Especially Emmy.  I picked up Emmy with the bike trailer twice this week from her pre-school - it made her so happy.  I did an even longer trek and rode out to this Mostly Music program we sometimes go to on Friday mornings.  It's totally fun just being out, but it's work, too!  Luckily my girls are relatively small!  I worked on the Primary's sacrament meeting program, only to have the date moved 2 weeks earlier.  That meant a lot of things, but mainly:  1.  I am going to be the only one from the presidency there that day, and 2.  I had to pretty much disregard my program and come up with something else (the something else is much simpler and didn't take much work.  At least I did get practice with writing a program, right!?).  Our primary has not and will not do a single practice in the chapel.  Wish us luck.

Miles:  He is 1/2 way through the 3rd Harry Potter book.  He enjoyed the first 2 and is liking this one, too.  He has chosen to be Harry Potter for Halloween and I'm excited to work on his costume.  He does well in school and is very smart.  But that doesn't mean his spelling is great, nor does that necessarily mean he always remember his capitalizations.  Sigh.  He is not a social butterfly at school.  He is in no way shy, but just independent.  He'll read at recess and things like that.  Kids like him (at least I think!), but he just does his own thing mostly.  We have 2 friends come over to our house on Wednesdays (their mom is our Relief Society president and she is also a teacher at the school this year).  One boy is in 2nd and the other in 5th.  Miles loves having the 5th grader over and they seem to have a lot of fun together.

Jonas:  He wrote some pretty classic stories this week.  He wrote 3 of them, but I'll share the one where he is a character:  Title:  Jonas and Bella.  "Jonas and Bella got mered (married).  They kist.  Bella had a babe gril named Lucy.  They liv haple evr aftr."  His others were titled, "Alonzo and Bella," and "Alonzo and Aayiana."  The kids all liked it and asked him to write more.  Ha.  Even his teacher asked me if I had read his stories.  :)  He, too, is an advanced reader.  I would also say he's advanced in math, too - though I have not been "officially" informed of that.  But he's actually pretty good at it; he catches on quickly.  He always wants to have his best buddy, Jake, over.  He sometimes cries when it doesn't work out.  He really likes the 2nd grader (Gabe) who comes over on Wednesdays.  They are great buds, too.  We're not totally sure on what he'll be for Halloween, but we're thinking the Indian, Little Bear, from The Indian in the Cupboard (we're trying to stick to a literary theme).

Emmy:  She adores her preschools and everyday asks, "Is it school for me today?"  I'm still completely convinced we did the right thing in not starting her this year, though.  I think she is a little less mature than her brothers were at this point, and she is also less academically inclined.  It's not that she's not smart, she's just kind of lazy.  Emmy and I will do some "school" a couple of times a week and she always begs to do her "computer reading" (www.starfall.com).  But, oftentimes, half-way through she complains she is "tired."  But she is doing alright with reading and I think she'll be fine (at least I hope so!).  She and Lucy have been playing so wild lately!  They each seem to love it - until one of them gets hurt. . .  But they are fun, cute sisters.  She loves singing in the bike-trailer and is completely adorable as she does so.  She wants to be Fancy Nancy for Halloween.  Perfect!

Lucy:  I don't know where to start or stop with this gal.  She's not so perfect anymore - she has her tantrums, her obstinance (which spell-checker is telling me is not a word, but I think it's prefect for her), her sometimes scratching behavior, etc.  But she just packs so much personality in her little body that she's just irresistible, really.  She really loves to talk.  She uses the toilet at times.  She loves gymnastics and tells everybody that she does it and then shows them some of her moves (headstands, handstands, leg up in the air, etc.).  It's great.  Although she is the youngest child, she definitely does not act like it.  She's a boss.  She's a leader.  She's a director.  She's a hoot.

The end.


Meg said...

Your kids are so cute. So amazing how different each one can be.

erinmalia said...

i wonder if the first kids are more of that mold that rhett and miles seem to be in! i mean, really. i guess now i know what rhett will be like when he's 8!

Niederfam said...

love the updates........i can pair my children with almost all of yours, although in somewhat different orders!!!