Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Grass Stains

Saturday was the Grass Stains last soccer game.  They had gone . . . undefeated for the entire season.  Despite that, they were actually a good team - really!  Even though there were scores like 0-05 or even 0-10, they played well.  They would probably get the "most improved" award if there was such a thing.  Their biggest downfall?  There was not one aggressive kid on the team.  There were kids who could dribble well, defend great, and goalie great - but no one aggressively went after the ball nor aggressively kept the ball.  Ben loved his little team, though.  They were just a bunch of sweet, good kids with great, supportive families.

 Goalie Emmy!  With the super "defender of the line" who literally just stayed right on the line.  He was awesome.

 She's getting ready!


 Thar she goes.

Ben and I wanted to get the kids medals - most teams in the district receive something on their last game.  We looked a little too late and it would have cost a bit more than we wanted, so be made our own medals.  With washers.  They were a hit.  I'll have to get a close up some time.

 Here is Ben presenting Emmy with her medal.  Her "gold medal" as she calls it.

Good job Grass Stains!  Oh, and their last game was by far the best game they ever played.  They were super fantastic.  The ending score:  2-3.  So close!  (We had only scored one other goal the last 5 games. . . so 2 was a huge deal for us!)


erinmalia said...

why does emmy always look like a disgruntled teenager in her pictures? it's hilarious! the far-away picture of the medals looks good. i can't wait to see them up close.

Nicole said...

i love the name! wow, how did a girl/boy team do? was it harder for emmy do you think? just curious. i heard they did the same thing here last year and it was bad so this year, it's gender specific ;) Cute Emmy!! And there's a girl on Molly's team that looks just like the little girl next to emmy in this last pic here. Ha!

emily said...

emmy has that look in the last picture because the shine was shining directly at them. i don't know why nobody else, though, looks like her. . . :)

nicole, the kindergarten teams have always been co-ed and it's great. i'm not sure it would work with the older kids, though, of course.