Sunday, November 18, 2012

Emeo (you know, Emmy+Video)

Emmy and her new do and her revealing crush on. . . Luke Skywalker.

This girl gets so girlishly giddy when she talks/thinks about Luke Skywalker.  Seriously.  She's 5!  One day we were driving in the car and I look back and Emmy has this dreamy smile on her face.  "What are you thinking about Emmy?"  "I don't know. . ."  Then I thought and my mother's intuition told me "Luke Skywalker!?"  The incessant giggles from the backseat was the only answer I needed.  Miles then proceeded to tell me how whenever he would show her Luke Skywalker on the DVD, she would fall over (i.e., faint!).  WHAT!?  It's so hilarious.

P.S.  I adore her haircut!  It's super cute and perfect for her.

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erinmalia said...

hahaha. that is awesome! oh, and the hair is so adorable. it (obviously) really cleaned up the ends. super cute em!