Thursday, November 08, 2012

Family Photos 2012

Here are not-a-few of some of my favorite pictures of our kiddos:

 Lucy and her beloved Boo.

 Emmy and her beloved Boo.

 Miles chose this spot (I think?!).  It's so him.


Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

What a truly beautiful family!!! They all look like angels. What beautiful children you have, Ben & Emily! It would have been equally nice to have "mom & dad" in one or two of the pictures as well.

Mom & Dad/Dixie & Jim

erinmalia said...

haha. notice how mom and dad said they "look" like angels, not that they are. hahaha. they do look awesome. can't wait to see the family "winner" picture.

emily said...

dad: i don't post our family pictures yet because i send them out with our christmas cards - i don't want to ruin the great surprise. :) i also post our family picture and christmas card on december 31st - a good blog-wrap up for the year.

thanks for the nice comments.

Niederfam said...

Absolutely ADORABLE. Each and every one of them!!!