Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introducing our tree, Mr. Willowby

Our tree got his name from this dandy of a book we have checked out from the library:  Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree.  And, like in the book, after Ben had cut off about 4 feet from the bottom and brought it inside, the tip was a little long for our ceiling. . . just like Mr. Willowby's tree.  (I like the book, by the way.)

I don't think pictures do our tree justice.  :)  Really, she's a beaut.  In the most Charlie Brown way, of course.


erinmalia said...

so great. i love your charlie brown trees!

Emily said...

It looks great!! How fun that you name your trees :) I don't think it looks charlie brown at all! It's not as full as others, but still a pretty tree!

Nicole said...

Beautiful!! I haven't read that book, but I saw it on Amazon and it looks cute! I'll have to get it from the library too :)

courtney said...

i love it! still haven't decorated mine. do i just give up, considering it is dec 16th?