Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Last Weekend

I have a feeling this is going to be a very wordy post.  Just a fair warning.

Friday afternoon, after the boys came home from school, Miles and I rode our bikes downtown and voted.  Okay, just I voted - but I did let Miles push the "cast ballot" button.  It was grand to do it with Miles (I did it to help fulfill a cub scout requirement).  The whole entire bike ride there and back he's just chatting about one thing or another.  Pretty adorable.

Then at dinner time Ben's folks arrived.  We had a good evening and after the kids were up in their rooms, we adults watched the Halloween episode of The Middle.  So love that show.

Saturday morning.  Ben suggested earlier in the week that we do something on Saturday morning since his parents were going to be here.  While Ben probably would have rather gone out to breakfast or something, I suggested he tag-a-long on his bike while I ran.  I treasure (deeply treasure) my Saturday long-runs.  Ben kindly agreed and I loved having him with me on my 8-mile (give or take) run.  How did he fare?  Well he froze for all of it, but hopefully he still had a good time!  I'm sad we can't do that every week. . .

Later that morning we all drove down south of town and showed Ben's parents the new LDS chapel.  On our way back we stopped at the "boardwalk shops."  One of the shops there, a wood-carving shop, has a gigantic tree-house in front that the shop's owner built.  It's awesome - and that is an understatement.  The kids love running around and exploring the top and bottom of this great tree-house.

After we got home we helped Miles make an "outdoor meal."  Another cub scout requirement.  He loved it and it was fun to do it all together.  Jonas helped Grandpa mow/chop up our leaves - Jonas was super excited about helping out.

 Miles had planned to make sloppy-joes and serve chips with it.

 I show this picture for my sister's sake:  Chuck isn't the only husband who takes blurry photos.  :)

 Go, Jonas, Go!

 YUM.  (Well, kind of.  It wasn't my favorite - but I do blame it on the recipe.  I'll have to find a better one.  But it was still good, for sure.)

 Saturday afternoon was spent reading books, among other various things.

Once Lucy woke up from her nap and get fed, we got ready for our family pictures.  I'll post a bunch in a separate post.  The photo-shoot was pretty painless and I love the pictures we got.  As always, thanks to Ben's dad Jim!  Lucky us.

We got treated to Wendy's for dinner and that was perfect for us and the kids.  When we got back from Wendy's, I got Lucy down and then Ben and I left for a date.  We got some ice-cream and then went to Target to get a few miscellaneous items.  I like being with Ben and we figured we'd better take advantage of 1.  Ben's parents being there and 2.  Ben not being the bishop quite yet!  The older kids stayed up, had ice cream with Halloween candies for toppings, and watched a couple episodes from the original Addams Family.  That evening before the adults went to bed, Ben's dad gave Ben a father's blessing.  It was truly wonderful and inspired.  We wrote down all we could remember in Ben's journal before we went to bed.  We also watched a couple of LDS.org training videos on bishops.  In preparation for Sunday. . .

Sunday morning. . . was pretty long.  It was fast Sunday and church doesn't start until 1pm.  But it was nice to have Ben home (though he was working on other things, of course) - because 1.  he usually isn't and 2.  he won't be.  We got to church just a few minutes early.  Announcements were made and then the newly called bishopric was announced.

Miles had a huge grin on his face.  Jonas' jaw literally dropped open and he grinned - open-mouth and all - at me.  The girls were pretty oblivious at that point, I think.  Then Ben had to leave he little family and sit on the stand.  Sniff, sniff (then and now!).  It was fast-and-testimony meeting, of course, but instead the counselors and their wives (two counselors with ONE wife each :) spoke, as well as myself and then Ben concluded.  I was pretty darn shaky and flustered while I was speaking.  Sigh.  Ben was wonderful, in my opinion.  :)  I had to leave about 1/2 or 2/3 of the way in to his speaking because Lucy was becoming quite unruly.  She had demanded to go to her dad and when I wouldn't let her, she just got more mad.  As I was walking her out of the pew and towards the chapel doors, she did declare, "I want to kiss my daddy!"  It was so cute.

After the meeting Ben was ordained a High Priest by his father.  He was then set-apart to be the bishop (I once again had to leave as Lucy was again being unruly - that girl.).  I did get to go back in while Ben's dad went out and watched the kids.  After all that we - minus Bishop Ben - went home.  Ben got to come home for about 1 1/2 hours to eat dinner, etc.  Then he went back to the church at 7 and came home past midnight.  And so it begins. . .

But Monday morning Ben and I managed to squeeze in one more date!  How cool are we and how great are Ben's parents?  So!  Ben and I walked down to the local coffee shop (ahem, bishop) and got some yummy Mexican hot chocolate.  Again, I like being with him. Sigh.  Ben's parents left shortly after we got back - around 10:30.  The girls and I went to the library (on my bike with the trailer - I adore it) so that Ben could work on some nursing certification he's working on.  From 12:15 - 3 I got to go and help out in Jonas' classroom and makes tons of copies for Miles' teacher.  Fun times for me!  For FHE that night we went to the church to the bishop's office - Ben's office.  We watched Elder Oaks' talk, "Help, Bishop!"  Just a few minutes of it.  Lucy was being unruly again (do you notice a pattern with her. . . ????) and kind of soured the experience for me.  But it was still kind of fun.

Whoa, it's more wordy than I had thought.  I better stop.


erinmalia said...

whoa, that is a lot of dates! i want some. :) of course, you're not likely to get too many of those in the near future.

Niederfam said...

I'm glad you were able to capitalize on your time with Ben. YAY. I'm sorry about he pattern with Lucy. I'm wondering what happened to my SWEET little girl too, she's been replaced by a SASSY little girl. Aiyiyi.

As you say, so it begins!!! GOOD LUCK!